These 20 Minute Workouts Will Fit Into Any Busy Schedule


The 20 minute workout: enough time to break an impressive sweat but something you can easily integrate into any busy day. No matter what type of movement mood you’re in, Peloton’s got you covered. Tap into a quick class today or save the below lineup for when you need a guide to get the blood pumping in no time.  

Once you’re logged in, easily access any of these workouts by hitting the “classes” button on the bottom of the screen. Choose your desired class discipline (i.e. “meditation”) and then use the “filter” button at the bottom to find the below classes using the time and instructor filters. We’ve noted the original air date so you can know you’re tapping in to the correct class.


Clip in to any of the below classes to cycle through your strength anytime throughout the day.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute Tabata ride from 12/12/18
  • Cody Rigsby’s 20-minute Beginner ride from 8/24/18
  • Alex Toussaint’s 20-minute 90’s Hip Hop ride from 1/24/19
  • Emma Lovewell’s 20-minute Beginner ride from 1/6/19
  • Ally Love’s 20-minute HIIT ride from 3/14/19


Get the blood pumping with just 20 minutes of a high-energy bootcamp workout.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute Glutes & Legs Bootcamp from 2/9/19 
  • Olivia Amato’s 20-minute 90’s Bootcamp from 4/23/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 20-minute Walk + Glutes + Legs Bootcamp from 10/21/18
  • Jess Sims’ 20-minute Core Bootcamp from 6/11/19
  • Matty Maggiacomo’s 20-minute Bodyweight Bootcamp from 7/15/19


Step away from your desk and into some cardio to break up the day.

  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 20-minute HIIT Cardio from 6/7/19
  • Chase Tucker’s 20-minute HIIT Cardio from 8/10/19
  • Selena Samuela’s 20-minute HIIT Cardio from 8/26/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 20-minute HIIT Cardio from 9/17/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 20-minute HIIT Cardio from 10/8/19


Take a midday breather or some time to chill before bed with any of the below classes.

  • Aditi Shah’s 20-minute Sleep meditation from 5/14/19
  • Kristin McGee’s 20-minute Sleep meditation from 8/5/19
  • Ross Rayburn’s 20-minute Sleep meditation from 7/23/19
  • Anna Greenberg’s 20-minute Relaxing meditation from 8/22/19
  • Aditi Shah’s 20-minute Breathing meditation from 3/6/19


Get a quick dose of fresh air by taking these audio-guided classes for a spin through any city.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute Pop Fun run from 7/4/19
  • Matty Maggicomo’s Pop Fun run from 6/20/18
  • Chase Tucket’s Hip Hop Fun walk from 2/14/19
  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute 90’s Hip Hop Fun run from 3/28/19
  • Oliver Lee’s 20-minute Hip Hop Fun walk from 8/23/18


Take these classes either on your Peloton Tread or tap into them from your phone at your local gym.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute HIIT run from 4/23/19
  • Chase Tucker’s 20-minute Intervals run from 6/22/18
  • Olivia Amato’s 20-minute Intervals run from 5/31/19
  • Selena Sameula’s 20-minute HIIT run from 1/27/19
  • Jess Sims’ 20-minute Intervals run from 4/16/19


Power up your day with a little bit of strength to help conquer anything that’s in your way.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute Arms & Shoulders Toning from 12/17/17
  • Ally Love’s 20-minute Core Strength from 4/2/19
  • Selena Samuela’s 20-minute Arms & Shoulders Strength from 2/4/19
  • Hannah Marie Corbin’s 20-minute Core Strength from 11/19/17
  • Olivia Amato’s 20-minute Glutes & Legs Strength from 3/14/19


Sometimes all you have to do is shake out the legs with a little walk. Stroll alongside any of the below audio-guided classes.

  • Robin Arzon’s 20-minute 90’s Fun walk from 4/23/19
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 20-minute Walk + Run from 7/17/18
  • Becs Gnetry’s 20-minute Pop Fun walk from 2/25/19
  • Olivia Amato’s 20-minute Pop Fun walk from 5/24/19
  • Selena Sameula’s 20-minute 90’s Fun walk from 7/7/19


Find some time to flow throughout your day with these yoga options.

  • Aditi Shah’s 20-minute Core Yoga Flow from 1/31/19
  • Kristin McGee’s 20-minute Yoga Flow from 1/19/19
  • Anna Greenberg’s 20-minute Yoga Flow from 3/12/19
  • Denis Morton’s 20-minute Yoga Flow from 3/5/19
  • Anna Greenberg’s 20-minute Lower Body Yoga Flow from 1/4/19

Remember, the Peloton App is with you wherever you go. Download it here for iOS or Android and tap into any of these classes for a 5-minute refresher at any point in your day.