3 Workouts that Support a Busy Travel Schedule


A packed travel schedule calls for strong sweat sessions to keep you going. When staying with Westin, make sure to carve out some time for a Peloton class (or two!) to keep your energy high.

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby shares 3 sets of quick workouts that support a busy travel plan. Put these to use when staying at these Westin locations!

To lift your carry-on into the overhead bin with ease: Try my 30-minute on-demand Intervals and Arms ride from May 16th 2017 paired with my 10-minute Arms Beyond the Ride workout

These two workouts together are great for toning your arms. The way to grow muscle is through creating a stimulus that is greater than what you are used to; I always see results overtime when I work my arms in new ways! These combined workouts will be a change to your normal routine plus the intervals will make you sweat along the way!

After a long flight: Try my 20-minute on-demand Climb ride from May 19th 2017 paired with 5-minute Glutes Beyond the Ride workout

Climb rides are great for working those larger muscle groups like quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The heavier resistance-based rides will work your quads and hamstrings and the 5-minute glute workout will balance out all the leg work you did on the bike. This may seem like an intimidating workout after a long travel day but this will revive your lower body after sitting for so long!

Before a morning meeting: Try Colleen Saidman Yee’s 10-minute Beyond the Ride Morning Yoga, my 30-minute on-demand Groove Ride from May 9th 2017 along with Robin Arzon’s 10 minute Abs Toning

These workouts are great for the beginning of your day before back-to-back meetings. I like to use yoga to get my body warmed up and create some mental clarity for the day ahead. The Groove Ride will help you add some fun to your morning and finally, keeping your core strong throughout the ride will prep your core for Robins 10-minute Abs Toning. There’s nothing I love more than letting loose before a day filled with a lot of work. This combination will introduce a strong and relaxed mindset to be able to tackle anything.

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