A Closer Look: Our Climb Classes


What is a Climb Class?

A Climb class creates the sensation of climbing uphill by pushing efficient cadence and higher resistance.

What Our Instructors Say About These Classes

What do you love most about teaching this class?

Jess: What I love most about Climb classes is the amount of power we evoke, both from within our bodies and the bike. These rides are a grind, meaning once we get into the meat and potatoes of the hill, it’s a hot and heavy adventure to the top. I especially love the shorter (10 & 20 minute) climbs – they leave any level rider feeling complete!

What can riders expect from this class?

Jess:  Riders, expect to feel heat throughout your entire body, primarily in your glutes, hammies, quads and lungs! Also, remember climbing in the saddle is deceivingly more challenging than climbing while standing. This ride will have a combo of both for optimization of your entire body and a dynamic ride experience.

Why should you take this type of ride?

Jess: This ride is for all levels of fitness! Climbs are incorporated into almost every ride we offer and it’s important that we bring isolated focus to all parts of our rides for a comprehensive Peloton experience. Incorporating this training into your ride schedule will get your body stronger and yield overall higher outputs and sustain longer, powerful efforts across all ride types.

The Tunes To Expect

Songs like…

Why Members Love These Classes

“I love them because it feels more like strength training than cardio.”  -Jewel D. / #magicpanties

“I feel like it is the best way to make my legs stronger and prep for outdoor riding season in Vermont.” – Tracy H. /  #pitbullmom

“Climb rides are a big part of my training regimen. Thanks for making them great!” – Brian Miller / #MichiganMTBer

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