Active Minutes: Walking With Matty Maggiacomo And Luther


Our “Active Minutes” series shows you a glimpse inside the lives of our Peloton instructors, and how they spend their time moving through the world outside of class.

“Walking Luther” is a funny concept, because Luther doesn’t always want to walk. I’ve never met a dog that actually retreats to his “house” (let’s get real; it’s a cage) when I grab the leash, but once we’re outside, he rules the sidewalk. Walking your dog at the most basic level can be a break for your central nervous system and is just the right amount of activity for a day when you’re trying to let your body heal and recover. Read more to learn exactly how I use this time to chill out and spend time with my guy Luther.

I actually live in Long Island City so when Luther makes the trip with me to Manhattan, it’s always a special one. Today is particularly beautiful and we’re both very excited to spend the day together and stop by Washington Square Park to soak up some sun.

I love that this time gets me outdoors when the weather is nice and allows me to just breathe even if only for a few minutes. I know this is likely the most basic experience you can have with a pet, but don’t forget how important it is to both you and your lil’ best friend.

Washington Square Park in NYC is big enough to do a few laps so that’s our usual plan when we arrive. On a sunny day, we’ll eventually stop for some shade and just hang out and enjoy everything around us.

Having Luther in our lives has taught me to enjoy the little things and I try to focus on this especially during our walks together. The love a person has for a pet is one of the least complicated relationships you will ever have–unconditional and pure. Luther doesn’t ask anything of me except to love him and pick up his poop, of course.

Depending on my mood, I might also use this time to tune into DJ mixes created by my fiancee DJ Aaron Aanenson or a really great podcast. Right now, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on organizational psychology and the “science” of creating a healthy workplace. I’ve been listening to WorkLife with Adam Grant and I love his progressive views on how to make your job “not suck.”

This quality time with Luther, especially during a recovery day, is just what I need. He honestly cracks me up when we go for a walk, so I tend to get a good laugh out of our adventures together. Luther is the 1/3 muscle, 1/3 mush, and 1/3 mouth. Honestly, what’s not to love?