After Two Major Accidents, Peloton Helped One Member Prevail


It’s no secret that the Peloton community is strong. We clip in, conquer milestones and continue to create stories that beat all odds. Member Brad Fuller’s story is no different. After getting hit by a car, spending several weeks in the hospital, then getting hit by a tractor-trailer after having a stroke while out running, Brad is back on his feet and into his cycling shoes. He’s found that the Peloton Bike has been a crucial piece in his physical and mental recovery. We touched base with Brad to learn more about his rehab and the amazing progress he’s made so far.

How does Peloton help you and make you better on and off the bike?

Before the accident, I used my Peloton to complement my distance and marathon training. It was strictly for fitness! Since the accident, I have realized that my Peloton is a crucial piece of my rehab and recovery. I don’t ride as quickly yet or with the resistance that I previously rode with, but I use the bike nearly every day. It helps my legs, my balance, my dizziness, and my mood.

My doctors have all been so impressed by my recovery. It’s gone so much smoother than they imagined! I believe the Peloton played an integral role and informed them of that. Each day I ride, I know I am benefiting myself in fitness and medically for both the short and long term.

What made you want to get back on your Peloton after your accident?

After I got home from the hospital, I needed to do something. I refused to sit down, be lazy, and watch tv. I have always been an active person and I tried the bike again. It was a slow process for about a week but I kept attempting to improve my stamina, balance, dizziness and resistance. I can hold my handlebars which keeps me safe and workout with my friend Cody Rigsby.  It may sound odd, but Cody has unknowingly become a good friend. I saw him nearly every day before the accident and now afterward. It’s comforting and motivational to continue to do that.

Now, the bike is upstairs in my dining room and I use it almost daily but now for a completely different reason. I am excited to use it because I know the physical, mental and emotional benefits more so now than ever before.

If you could describe your Peloton experience in three words, what would they be and why?

I would use the following three words: completely healthy training! Peloton used to be a tool in my fitness routine. Now, it assists me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I still ride for fitness and to satisfy my competitive gene, but it motivates me, gives me routine, allows me to connect with amazing instructors and helps me feel better both inside and out. I know I accomplished something positive when I complete a ride each day.

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