Ally Love’s Top Morning Tips


Most of us can agree that mornings can be challenging especially with a packed travel schedule. Being a victim of poor early morning habits myself, I’ve teamed up with Westin to create a few go-to morning tips that can help you get up and get going no matter which city you’re waking up in. Want to fit in a workout too? Either of these are perfect to try either before or after you clip into a Peloton bike found at these select Westin locations.

1. Spring Into Action

I don’t take any time to think about hitting snooze when my alarm goes off! I also don’t give myself any time to think about what I have for that day or what workout I need to do in the morning. I’ve noticed that once I start a dialogue in my head I can end up talking myself out of all the things that will kickstart my day off in the right way. Lately, I’ve been getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off; this is a “non-negotiable”! I give little thought to how I’m feeling that morning and wait to check-in with myself once I’m dressed. This practice helps me to spring into action and get my day started without delay.

2. The Hydration Game

We all hear about how drinking some elixir in the morning can help us to get going. For most people that means coffee. However, for someone like me who doesn’t do well with caffeine, I had to find an alternative. Matcha was a good fall back for a while but eventually, I found that the caffeine in this was a little too much as well. Recently, I stumbled upon warm lemon-water with honey after I lost my voice. This no-frills drink changed my life: hot water, lemon, and a teaspoon of honey. It’s simple recipe that I can make when I’m home or even in my hotel room when I’m traveling. It helps to warm up my vocal chords, kickstart my digestive system, and hydrates my body after a long night sleep.

3. Fitspo

As an early riser, one of my favorite things to do is to see what the world is up to. Yes, I suffer from major FOMO (fear of missing out). Most times that means checking Instagram or other social media platforms for news and healthy lifestyle photos that encourage me to hit the pavement! It takes finding out what makes you feel inspired and doing that in the mornings.

4. Have it in the Bag

I loathe getting up and scrambling to figure out what I’m going to wear or pack for the day. It takes too much brainpower in the morning and if there is one thing I hate most, it’s leaving the house or my hotel forgetting something that I need. Since my schedule changes constantly, especially when I’m on the road, my bag is never just “ready” to go. It takes some thought, so packing up the night before allows me to use the time that I do have to get dressed.

5. Morning Soundtrack

If there’s one thing I take for granted it’s the effect that music has on my attitude. Waking up to some good tunes can change my entire demeanor. I can admit, I’m not always the happiest person in the morning, even though I naturally get up early. It’s unrealistic to think you will always roll out of bed on the “right-side”. Putting on some music as you get ready cannot only make you feel good but also help put some extra energy in your step.

Use these tips for your mornings at home or on the road when you stay at Westin!