Boost Your Mood With Hannah Corbin


The Pick Me Up Ride has been such a treat to bring to my riders. I craft each ride as a reminder that no matter what the week has been like, it’s never a bad time to start feeling good! Here are some of my tips to keep your energy and mood boosted:


This is my first go-to when I need to give myself a boost. Pick something with a beat, turn it on, turn it up, and dance it out! To get started, listen in to my Pop Playlist on Spotify here.


Shocking to hear that from me, right? But tired, tight muscles hold on to more stress than we realize. To release some of that tension, try these:

  • My 5-Minute Foam Rolling (Aired 4/12/18)
  • My 10-Minute Stretch (Aired 4/12/18)
  • My 5-Minute Hip Stretch (Aired 2/11/18)


Cliche, maybe, but there’s a reason that when you think of relaxing you think of a bath. Because it is. So. Nice. Draw a bath, dump in some Epsom salts, and soak for about 20 minutes (doesn’t have to be an ordeal, just get that warm water on your body!).

Pro-Tip: Bubbles will improve your mood even more because they are bubbles and therefore hilarious.


Bad moods can be compounding, and if you’re overstimulated, it’s hard to work through it. When I’m really fighting something tough, I sit outside for an hour without my phone. Without my phone! If that seems hard, go for 20 minutes and work up to an hour, but the full hour really empties your plate so you can start seeing clearly again.


If you’re stuck in an exhausting, dull, or just plain bad mood and don’t have the time or the ability to do the other tips, follow these steps:

Step 1: Whisper ‘BEEP BOOP’ to yourself

Step 2: Repeat until no longer in a bad mood

Boost your mood on the Bike with Hannah. Click here to count yourself in for an upcoming Pick Me Up Ride.