Celebrating Support Week at Peloton HQ


In celebration of Support Week at Peloton HQ this month, we talked with Support Team Leads Molly Koltys, Sean Perriera, Justin Ennis, Nikki Brooks, and Zindzi Clifton about why this dynamic group is such a key part of the Peloton experience.

What do you love most about your job?

Justin: I love having the ability to impact our Members in a positive way. Typically when we receive calls it’s about an issue or problem and being able to turn that around into a positive experience is a great opportunity.

Molly: I love being part of an innovative company! One that will continue to challenge their teams to always be on the cutting edge of the unique fitness world Peloton created! 

Sean: I love being a part of a company that has such a large, passionate, and supportive community.

How do you think your role in member support impacts a Peloton member’s experience?

Nikki: As a Member Support Team Lead, I am able to communicate with the Member on a more interpersonal level which leaves them feeling reassured that we are on their side.

Zindzi: Our role is to provide an A1 experience from the beginning to the end. There is a certain level of support that is expected and it’s our job to provide that and make sure that every Member always feels supported and proud to be apart of the Peloton brand. 

Sean: Being a member of the Tech team means that we’re responsible for resolving any issues that a member might be experiencing both on the hardware and software fronts. It’s a crucial part of the Peloton experience and it’s very rewarding knowing that we’re able to get these issues addressed and resolved as quickly as possible so that our members can continue to pursue their Peloton passion.

With one word, describe how you want to make our members feel?

Justin: Excited- This is the emotion that I want our members to always feel! The Peloton experience isn’t like any other. Being able to select from thousands of rides on-demand from the comfort of your home and to be able to ride live as well with hundreds of others is a complete game changer for cycling classes. We’re here to take care of anything that isn’t the norm for the Peloton experience and having the Member excited to ride again after having an issue is our goal for everyone!

Molly: Fulfilled – I want the Members to feel fulfilled in their fitness goals with our product but also by our Support team. I want them to know we are here for them, always!

Zindzi: Supported! I want our Members to feel like they can count on us to be their advocate and to know that we are here to support them throughout their entire Peloton journey.

Nikki: We want our Members to know that we are here to support them throughout their lifetime with us – from the day they visit onepeloton.com to the day they receive their bike and beyond.

Sean: Heard! I try my best to let them know that although our community is growing rapidly, each Member’s voice will be heard, no matter how small the issue may seem.

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