Changes Coming to Calorie & Workout Counts


We’re bringing even better metrics your way starting Tuesday, October 24! Get all the details below.

Calories Burned

We’re updating the way we calculate the calories you burn each ride. Our new formula will take into account your age, height, weight, gender, and heart rate (if you use a heart rate monitor), so you’ll get a calorie count that’s even more accurate for you.

Be sure to update your profile on the Peloton bike so that we can give you the most accurate new metrics starting on October 24!

And get your questions about these two updates answered below.

Cool! What do I need to do?

We recommend you update your profile on the bike with your up-to-date age, height, weight and gender information so that we can give you the most accurate calculation when the refresh happens! To do this, tap the left-hand menu on your bike, and select ‘My Account.’

What’s the reason for these changes?

We’ve listened to your feedback about some discrepancies between Peloton’s calorie calculations and those on other fitness trackers, and we’re confident this new calculation will help bridge the gap. Just a heads up that your new calorie counts will likely be lower than what you’ve been seeing, but will be more accurate with the help of your personal metrics.

So do these changes affect the calorie counts of my previous rides?

No, these updates will not impact previous rides.

Workout Counts

We’re also giving a refresh to our workout counts. Now, whether taken on the app or bike, workout counts will be calculated by workout type, so you’ll see three separate counts: ‘Cycling,’ ‘Beyond the Ride,’ and ‘Total Workouts.’

Do app rides count?

Before this change, app rides were listed separately from bike rides. With the new change, both app and bike rides will be categorized as Cycling. Your Cycling workout count will be used to calculate badge and Century Club eligibility.

So, how will this affect my milestones?

Your Cycling workout count now combines rides taken on both the app and bike, which may mean that you’ll hit a milestone sooner than you were expecting!

I’ve completed 100 rides, how can I get my Century Club shirt?

Congratulations! After October 24th, if you’ve already reached 100 cycling workouts but did not receive an email with your Century Club code, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your Century Club shirt. If you don’t receive the email in 3-5 days, please reach out to and they can provide it to you.

What if I want to delete one of my rides so I don’t hit a milestone goal sooner than expected?

Good question! Here’s how to delete your rides:

  • On your bike: Go to your profile by selecting your username in the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen and selecting “Profile.” On the left, you will see a list of all your previous rides. Swipe to the left on the ride you wish to remove and then press “delete.”
  • On your Peloton web profile: To delete your ride online, log in to your Peloton account. Click into your profile and you will see a list of rides. Tap the ‘X’ in the top right-hand corner of the rides you would like to remove.

Look out for these changes on October 24, and see you next ride!

Team Peloton