A Closer Look: Our Low Impact Classes


What is a Low Impact Class?

Low Impact rides take place primarily in the saddle. The focus on this positioning helps to protect the rider’s joints, making it a more accessible class type.

What Our instructors Say

What do you love most about teaching this class?

Hannah: I love teaching this ride because it allows me to truly show riders that whatever they thought was standing in their way, they already left it at the door. 

What can riders expect from this class?

Hannah: Riders can expect the perfect level of sweat, wrapped in a fat-burning blanket! This ride is easy on the joints and is entirely in the saddle. Unlike many rides where you’re in a constant state of breathless, trying to recover from an epic push, this ride will keep you in control of your breath and allow you to find a new level of power underneath your feet.

Why should you take this type of ride?

Hannah: This ride is great for all levels – my advanced beginners can thrive just as much as my advanced riders focusing on endurance! Low Impact Rides allow you to sweat up a storm without stressing out your joints or pushing you to the point of breathless, keeping you in the delightful fat-burning zone!

The Tunes To Expect

Songs like…

  • Surprise Yourself-Jack Garret
  • Tush- ZZ Top
  • Bang Bang- Lawrence Taylor

Why Members love these classes

“Low impact rides are no joke! If you haven’t tried them, you should!” -Michelle D. / #Mishy911

“‘Low impact’ does not mean low sweat. My question has been answered.” -Jeremias T. /  #PeloTan703

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