Connect Your Peloton Account to Strava for More Motivation


Luckily, your Peloton bike can easily connect to Strava — a social network created specifically for athletes, designed to help you make the most out of every workout. By connecting your Peloton account to Strava, you’ll be able to post a recap of every ride to the Strava feed, which is a great way to share progress and stay on track.

Connecting your Peloton account to Strava:

1.) Create an account on the Strava website.

2.) You will be able to share your Peloton activity on Strava directly after you complete a workout, and from your past ride performances on the bike. To share from these screens, select Share, then sign in with your Strava username and password.

3.) When connecting to Strava from your bike for the first time, you will be asked if you’d like to auto post all of your workouts. This means that whenever you complete a workout, your performance recap will post to Strava automatically. If you choose not to auto post during this time, you can always adjust this preference later by selecting the Menu icon on the bottom left corner of your home screen, then Account Settings, then Privacy and Alerts, and then Auto Post Rides to Strava.

Even better? For a limited time, Peloton riders can get two free months for joining Strava Premium — an enhanced Strava experience.

Get connected today to start sharing your progress with athletes just like you.

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