Emma Lovewell’s Gym Bag Essentials


We all have those items that we never leave the house without especially when packing our bags to go to our next workout. Here are my top five gym bag essentials and why a workout would not be complete without them!

Mineral water/makeup remover

I use Bioderma Micellar Water, which is a mineral water/makeup remover that I use after I work out. It’s like washing your face, but better. You’re removing any dirt and makeup but also putting healthy minerals into your skin at the same time, instead of drying it out, which is what a lot of face washes do. My skin feels amazing after I use it!

Electrolyte tablets

I use Nuun electrolyte tablets. They come in fun flavors and even have caffeinated versions that I’ll use in the morning when I teach 7 am classes. It’s easy to just stick one in your water bottle. These help with recovery and hydration after teaching multiple classes.

A snack

I usually carry fruit, a protein bar or a peanut butter packet. I like to have a Justin’s peanut or almond butter packet on hand because they are easy and delicious and give me protein! It’s important to eat 1:1 protein and carb within an hour after exercise to replenish. If I find myself running right out of class without much time for eating, it’s important that I have a piece of fruit (carb) and a protein bar or almond butter (protein) on hand at all times! Also, I’m known to get “hangry”, so having a snack in my bag at all times is handy.


Water, of course! Because, hydration!


I have a few different kinds of headphones although I haven’t decided which ones are my favorite yet. I switch between Bowers and Wilkins, V-Moda, and my good ‘ol iPhone earbuds. Music is life!

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