The No-Fail Plan For Mastering Your Fall Workout Goals


Switching from summer to fall can make sticking with your wellness schedule difficult, which means you need a solid game plan in place to succeed. Setting clear expectations for your fall workout schedule will help to avoid getting overwhelmed in the months ahead. We talked with our expert instructors about staying focused on feeling your best and ways to remain strong as we enter a new season.

Get Your Dose of Daylight

The change in available daylight during the fall creates an opportunity to really commit to those morning workouts. “If you’re affected by weather and light like me, schedule your workouts at the beginning of the day to soak up that early sun,” says Peloton Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy. “Peloton Digital’s Outdoor runs are hands down my favorite thing for this very reason, especially if you’re traveling, training for a race or want to take advantage of a beautiful morning for a scenic fall workout.” Another advantage? The rest of the day is yours. “Working out earlier will guarantee that your workout gets done,” says Peloton Cycling instructor Jennifer Jacobs, ”This will then allow you time in the afternoons or evenings to relax and enjoy all that fall has to offer!”

Your Self-Care Schedule

At the start of every month, plan out your schedule. After that’s in place, decide when you’ll plan your “me moments.” “These include your workouts, wellness appointments, meditation, coffee with friends – whatever!” says Rebecca. Planning in advance lets you set a reasonable agenda and keep both your outside obligations and personal priorities balanced. “We don’t want to feel guilty about things that make us happy, both our workouts and our extracurricular activities, but both are possible!”

Peloton Cycling instructor Emma Lovewell says she even makes appointments with herself. “If I literally pencil it in I am far more likely to do it,” says Emma, “Sometimes I even write in my calendar, ‘eat lunch’ or ‘stretch’ because it forces me to set aside time to get the important things done.” Peloton Cycling instructor Christine D’Ercole suggests making it a challenge if it’s something you don’t normally do. “Commit to booking a massage, setting aside time to meditate and stretch–making self-care a priority is a priority.”

Reassess Your Runs

Have your eye on a spring marathon? This is your time to prepare for your fall workout and overall training regimen. “I use the end of summer to reassess my goals for how I’m going to tackle winter running,” says Peloton Tread instructor Becs Gentry, “It’s not pretty and by no means easy, therefore I take time to check that I have a kit to get me through any weather–weather-proof running jackets, running gloves, breathable running tops and, most importantly, a program that allows me to work on my speed inside.” Make it an exciting time and carve out a prep period that sets you up for greatness. “Fail to prepare; prepare to fail,” as Becs says.

Stretch vs. Stress

If there’s a reason to commit to stretching, this is it: with packed schedules and holiday season right around the corner, stress levels can skyrocket. A way to balance them out is stretching after a workout, says Rebecca. “This is going to calm your central nervous system–when we’re stressed, it affects our hormone levels and that can lead to gut issues, injuries and poor sleep.” So, if we haven’t mentioned it yet, take a moment to de-stress by loosening up after all of your hard work.

Show Your Strength

Peloton Tread instructor Matty Maggiacomo encourages you to pick up the heavier weights this fall. “Remember, if you want to see new results, you need to start changing factors in your fitness routine,” says Matty. “Maybe it’s not everyday, but consider ‘graduating’ from those 5lb to 10lb weights!” Similarly, up your cycling game. If you’ve been mastering a few workouts per week, now’s the time to see what else you’re made of. “For the first month plan for 2-3 workouts per week and the second month plan for 3-5 workouts per week,” suggests Peloton Cycling instructor Hannah Marie Corbin. “The third month? Leave room to surprise yourself!”

Ready to rock your fall workout? Share what you’re aiming to conquer with our community.