Your Workouts Just Got Even Better With These New Features


Our latest updates are here to take your Peloton workouts to a new level. Dive into a new challenge every month and go above and beyond your limits. Power through your day with the music that inspires you to sweat to be the best with Track Love. Discover more ways to elevate your workouts below!

Save the Music that Moves you with Track Love on the Bike + Tread

Every song played in class is there to uplift, empower and motivate you to bring your best to your work out. And now you can take those songs on the go! Simply tap the heart next to the track name to add it to a favorites list on your profile. Connect your Spotify or Apple Music account to listen to your playlist wherever life takes you.

Improved Heart Rate Monitoring and Bluetooth on the Bike + Tread

Seamlessly pair your Heart Rate Monitor and Bluetooth Audio device with your Peloton Bike or Tread. New Bike and Tread notifications will give you easy instructions on how to connect your devices directly from within the Peloton platform. And now, your Peloton will remember your device from the first time you log on. Go from a ride on the Bike to a run on the Tread, no re-pairing required.

Challenges for a Better You on the Bike + Tread

Challenge yourself with thousands at your side reaching for the same goal. Whether it’s pushing yourself to get stronger or working out every day, all that matters is that you show up and give it your best.

Peloton Digital Has Arrived on Android

Peloton Digital is on Android! Now you can access your favorite Peloton classes from wherever you are with just a simple tap. We’ll continue to roll out new features on Android so stay tuned for updates! Download now from the Google Play Store.

Preload your Classes on Digital iOS

With this new feature, eliminate buffering and reduce data usage by preloading classes in advance. Just hit Preload on your favorite classes, take them with you on the go and get after your goals quicker. Starting a preloaded class will still require an internet connection. To experience live metrics and features like Here Now and High Fives, we recommend some internet connection while you’re taking a preloaded class.

Keep Track of Your Performance with Apple Health Integration

Now you can see all of your Peloton workouts in Apple Health with our integration. Hit the “More” tab in Peloton Digital and press “Health App” to get started. To see your performance from a recent Peloton Bike or Tread class in Apple Health, just open the Peloton app to send the data.

High Five! Here Now is on Digital iOS

Our Here Now feature is available on Peloton Digital for iPhone and iPad. See other Members taking the same class as you and share motivation by sending high-fives. Additionally, Members taking live classes on Digital may also receive instructor shoutouts. This feature applies to both video and audio-only classes.