New Feature: On-Demand ‘Class Type’ Filter


Break a sweat faster with easier ways to access your favorite workouts. With new changes to our on-demand library, you can now seamlessly navigate between cycling and Beyond the Ride workouts to discover the one you want to conquer. Want to hit the open road? Find all of our scenic rides on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Note that all of the previous “Specialized” workouts now have their own specific ride types found under the “Class Type” filter.

For more details, take a look below at our full list of ride types and Beyond the Ride workouts to choose from:

Class Types

Beginner, Climb, Heart Rate Zone, Intervals, Live DJ, Low Impact, Metrics, Power Zone, Pro Cyclist, Rhythm, Theme

Beyond the Ride

Cardio, Strength, Stretch, Yoga, Toning

Ready to go? Check out these new features to your bike in our on-demand library!

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