These Are The Best Peloton Digital Classes When You Only Have 5 Minutes


Let’s face it: sometimes you only have 5 minutes to fit in some time for you. But even in that small window, you can make the most of it with Peloton Digital. Need a break from work, your commute or a particularly stressful day? Check out our list of the top 5-minute meditation, strength and stretch Peloton Digital Classes that you can tap into anytime.

Once you’re logged in, easily access any of these workouts by hitting the “classes” button on the bottom of the screen. Choose your desired class discipline (i.e. “meditation”) and then use the “filter” button at the bottom to find the below classes using the time and instructor filters. We’ve noted the original air date so you can know you’re tapping in to the correct class.


5 minutes is all you need to turn your focus around. Try any of these top meditation classes to focus your attention on sleep, patience or just to get back in touch with your body to make sure you’re feeling your best.

  • Aditi Shah’s 5-minute Basics: Body Scan from 12/27/18
  • Ross Rayburn’s 5-minute Basics: Sleep from 4/5/19
  • Kristin McGee’s 5-minute Sleep Meditation from 5/2/19
  • Aditi Shah’s 5-minute Basics: Sleep from 1/17/19
  • Aditi Shah’s 5-minute Basics: Mantra from 1/24/19


Power up your day with a quick class focusing on strength. These are our Members’ favorite classes for a quick blast of effort targeting core, glutes, arms and shoulders.

  • Ally Love’s 5-minute Core Strength from 1/3/19
  • Jenn Sherman’s 5-minute Arms & Shoulders Toning from 1/9/19
  • Emma Lovewell’s 5-Minute Arms & Shoulder Toning from 12/14/18
  • Cody Rigsby’s 5-Minute Arms & Shoulder Toning from 11/12/18
  • Ally’s Love’s 5-Minute Glutes Toning from 3/11/18


A little extra stretching never hurt. Use any of the classes below to loosen up right where you are throughout your day.

  • Robin Arzon’s 5-minute Post-Run Stretch, from 1/21/19
  • Selena Samuels’s 5-minute Full Body Stretch from 12/30/18
  • Jenn Sherman’s 5-minute Glutes & Legs Stretch from 1/9/19
  • Emma Lovewell’s 5-Minute Full Body Stretch from 6/28/18
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 5-Minute Post-Run Stretch from 4/29/19

Remember, Peloton Digital is with you wherever you go. Download it here for iOS or Android and tap into any of these classes for a 5-minute refresher at any point in your day.