Don’t Forget These Foam Rolling Moves During Your Next Recovery


Foam rolling is something that Peloton instructors all incorporate into their fitness routine–it takes stretching and recovery to a whole new level. But even for you expert rollers out there, are you sure you’re hitting all the important areas? Andy Speer and Matt Wilpers are experts at making sure to hit all the sweet spots, and shared those forgotten muscle areas that often get overlooked for some self-myofascial love.

Tired quads, calves and hamstrings get all the attention after a long ride or a tough run, and with good reason. While these are great places to start, Andy reminds you not to overlook your adductors, the muscles along your inner thigh that stretch from your knee to your groin. “Your adductors ‘adduct’ or move you legs in toward the centerline of you body and play a role in hip stability and hip flexion,” Andy explains. “When your adductors are ‘tight’ or full of trigger points, they may not stabilize as effectively and your stride may be altered which will decrease your running efficiency.”

Matt Wilpers notes that when you’re training upper body, one muscle that is often skipped are the lats. Located on the back side of the body, these are the muscles connecting your upper extremities to your vertebral column. “It depends on how tight your muscles are but I usually spend one to two minutes on either side,” says Matt. “Over time, if this area gets too tight you will lose mobility if you constantly forget to loosen it up.” Another hidden area that Matt says not enough people pay attention to is pec minor, small muscles on either side of your chest that allow your shoulders to move forward and down. “By sitting all day we can become very tight in our upper body, and our shoulders tend to roll in” explains Matt.

If the reason you’re not foam rolling this area is simply the awkward position required to get to it, Matt suggests using a lacrosse ball to really target the muscle. “Spending one to two minutes in this area can really release and open this area up in order to strengthen your back muscles,” says Matt. So next time you’re ready to roll, start your session with these movements you may not have incorporated yet and we guarantee your muscles will thank you.

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