The 5 Healthy Fall Foods Fitness Instructors Love To Cook With


It’s hard to say goodbye to the bounty of fresh summer fruit and veggies, but this new season is packed with healthy fall foods. From the array of root vegetables to warm, protein-rich stews, there’s a lot more out there than you might think to motivate your meal prep right now. To learn what the pros are using, we tapped six of our super-fit instructors to get a glimpse of their fall menus.

Fall Favorites

Our instructors agree that taking advantage of the new lineup of fall produce is something they can’t pass up. “My favourite thing about autumn cooking is the abundance of the good stuff,” says Peloton Tread instructor Becs Gentry. From squash to every kind of potato, there’s such a variety of warm, nutritional meals you can create.”

Peloton Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy seconds the squash, both as a main dish and something more. “I add squash to my frittatas, purée it for soups, add it into chili to make it more hearty and even grate it into my pancakes for a savory version,” says Rebecca. She’s keeping and eye out for avocado and honeynut squash this fall.

Another classic fall go-to is pumpkin and with its nutrient-dense design, it’s one of the best healthy fall foods to add to the list. “Pumpkin is full of potassium, fiber and B vitamins, and it’s great in soups, roasted or my favorite–in waffles!” says Peloton Cycling instructor Hannah Marie Corbin.

Heat Things Up

As the temps cool down, things in the kitchen will start to heat up–literally. “Once the weather gets colder all I want to do is cook comforting, warm foods,” says Peloton Cycling instructor Emma Lovewell. “I’ve been loving my slow cooker recipe for coconut curry lentils, and I’m looking forward to making it again this fall!”

Becs Gentry is also excited to break out some of her traditional family staples. “My absolute favourite is my mum’s butternut squash, coconut and chilli soup recipe,” says Becs. “The combination of spice and creamy coconut is wonderful and warms you up on a cold day!”

Others to Explore

While fall ingredients like pumpkin and squash will be popping up everywhere, make sure not to forget about the other options that are equally good for you. Peloton Cycling instructor Jennifer Jacobs swears by fennel, both in salads and added into juice. “The smell and taste remind me of Italy and the health benefits are out of this world–it’s a great way to boost your immune system due to high amounts of vitamin C and the essential oils that keep bacteria at bay.”

Finally, make sure you’re still getting your greens, whether that’s through a smoothie, soups or an easy oven recipe. “One of my favorite healthy fall foods is brussels sprouts that I just toss with EVOO, sea salt flakes and fresh ground pepper. Roast at 450 until the outer skins are brown but be sure to turn a couple times while cooking,” says Peloton Cycling instructor Christine D’Ercole. “They’re rich in fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.” What’s not to love about fall?

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