Here are 3 Healthy Hot Drinks That Peloton Instructors Love


Has coffee always been your morning go-to? If so, you’re not alone–the United States consumes around 400 million cups of coffee per day. If you think it’s time to switch things up, Peloton instructors Jennifer Jacobs, Rebecca Kennedy, and Jess Sims are here to help you pour a new cup of the good stuff. Learn more about why they love these favorite warm drinks and the benefits that may make them better than your regular cup of joe.

A Match For Matcha

If you haven’t thrown a cup of matcha into the mix, Peloton cycling instructor Jennifer Jacobs swears by it. “Matcha’s long list of health benefits is reason enough to give it a shot,” she says. “Just one cup can give you prolonged energy lasting around 4-6 hours, but with far less caffeine than coffee.” Matcha’s properties help support your immune system, metabolism, cholesterol levels, skin and even your mood and concentration. “If you follow me on social media, it isn’t any secret that this is my go-to,” says Jennifer, “so next time you need a little boost, I say ‘cheers’ to you trying out this healthy hot drink.”

Broth Benefits

At first, you may think that broth is an odd coffee alternative, but if you’re in the mood for something warm, Peloton Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy boasts about the benefits of her favorite: bone broth. “This drink is wildly underrated and has amazing health benefits,” says Rebecca. Vegetarians and vegans, keep reading–we haven’t forgotten about you. “Beef, chicken and vegetable broths are all options,” explains Rebecca, “and a cup of any of these can help support your immune system, which is crucial during the winter.” The collagen in bone broth can aid in reducing inflammation in your intestinal tract and help to heal your gut lining. “A lot of cities include restaurants that sell this right on their menu or you can find my favorite at local grocery stores and even online.”

Tea Time

Easy to make and just as accessible as coffee, tea is an amazing alternative worth exploring. Peloton Tread instructor Jess Sims found “Health Tea” at a favorite NYC restaurant and she loved it so much she decided to learn how to make right at home. “Boil some hot water, add a little ginger, an orange slice, lemon wedge, a cinnamon stick, a few mint leaves and honey, and once you finish your first cup all you need to do is add more water and keep drinking.” And as the weather continues to get colder, Jess says it’s the perfect way to warm you up. “It’s incredible on a chilly day or when you start to feel run down,” notes Jess, “it’s so fresh and better than any other tea I’ve had!”

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