Here Are The Healthy Snacks That Peloton Instructors Keep In Their Bag


Being on the go doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice stable energy levels and proper nutrition. Whether you prefer the sweet or salty side of things, you can learn to pick the right healthy snacks to keep your energy level high on the toughest days. We chatted with Peloton Tread instructor Becs Gentry about her favorite healthy snacks, keeping her energy levels strong and how she packs her snacks for a busy schedule.

Why Pack a Snack?

No matter what your fitness routine looks like, fueling your body properly throughout the day will help you be the best version of yourself and allow your blood sugar levels to stay stable–something that’s essential for success. “A blood sugar level drop isn’t beneficial in any way–your mood becomes low, you become weaker and less reactive, and most importantly for your training, your muscles don’t get the fuel they need to repair,” says Becs. “Snacking on healthy foods helps keep your blood sugar levels even–if you ignore your hunger you may experience a big energy crash later on if you grab something super sugary for an immediate energy hit.” Snacking also has big benefits for managing stress. “Keeping your blood sugar levels even also keeps your cortisol levels lower, which is a byproduct of your stress hormone reacting,” says Becs. With lower stress levels and stable energy, you will be better prepared to show up for whatever your day may hold.

What’s In Her Bag

To keep her energized, Becs loves to have her favorites right in her bag. “I will always be found to have some meat with me, like a bag of EPIC beef jerky or a Wagyu beef snack strip,” says Becs. “I’ll also often have a GoMacro Bar with me and for a super long day out, I’ll make a home mix of almonds, cashews, and pistachio nuts–I react really well to fueling with protein-heavy snacks,” explains Becs. She prefers to tailor her healthy snacks to what her body needs after each workout. “I do choose to have a sweeter element to my snack choice on long and intense running days–I feel like I need a little extra sweetness when I have a run that’s 18 or more miles,” says Becs. “After strength training, I crave a big refuel of protein and know that the snack strips will help my recovery.” She finds that healthy snacks that are packaged for single servings are best for her busiest days. “This makes me eat the whole thing once it’s open instead of taking a bite and moving on,” she says.

When To Snack

“I try to only snack once a day if that,” says Becs. “Ideally I will have a proper meal, however sometimes life gets away from you, which is why I always have these in my bag–I would so much rather have them on hand than be starving or grab something less than nutritious.” When you have no option but to snack, making healthy choices can be the difference between an energized day or an energy crash in the afternoon. “It’s easy for your schedule to switch without warning and you may find yourself without time to dedicate to a sit-down meal, but if you have healthy snacks on hand, you can avoid all the negative effects associated with skipping meals.”

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