How Our Members #RideProud


In honor of Pride month, check out our collection of the Peloton Community’s reasons for why they #RideProud.

“I’m proud to be part of a community that accepts everyone no matter what!”

—Stephanie C. / #BeeBetter

“We share common goals that we can all rally around and support. The wonderful instructors bring this community together in each ride to #BuildABetterYou.”

—Rick C. / #Rabbit2

“Because there is no room for hate on a Peloton bike.”

—Karin R. / #geekygirl

“It makes me proud to be able to own this bike but even more proud to own accountability for my health and for my sons who look up to me!”

—Teresa G. / #teresagonzalez

“Teaching my children, by example, that taking care of yourself through exercise is the best way to take care of all around you.”

—Jessica S. / #PeloThis

“It makes me proud to be a part of a community that is so supportive, fun, and awesome!”

—Stephanie R. / #NICU_RN

“Because I finish what I started.”

—Stephanie J. / #LetLoveRule

“I ride proudly because I can! Never basic, never average, always beast mode! Challenge causes change!“

– Cynthia G. / #SyncerelySyn

“At 47 I’m proud to be a part of the Peloton tribe, where I push myself beyond my limits. Age is just a number; I kick butt daily on my bike!”

—Yolanda V. / #yolandav4

“I’m proud that I keep getting on the bike whether I’m having a good day or bad day, whether I’m feeling happy or have low energy, whether I just had a great ride or a terrible one. I just keep moving forward one pedal stroke at a time!”

—Melinda G. / #Melipel

“I’m proud that even though I’m not the youngest on the leaderboard, I still make it towards the top. It makes me feel strong!”

—Lisa C. / #Lisa_C_in_KC

“Every time I get on the Peloton bike, I’m proud of myself for the good rides and the not so good rides; because I feel better regardless!”

—Jo May S. / #JoMontana

“I’m proud to embrace the diverse ride set, both the rigorous and smoother ones, throughout my journey of improving my health and fitness lifestyle, discovering how much raw potential I have. Breaking the glass ceiling of my limits, all while belonging to a community dedicated to bringing their truest self into each and every ride.”

—Dave. B / #thatguybrady

“Proud to be myself after years of society and parents and bosses telling me how I should dress, what games I couldn’t play, what clubs I couldn’t be a part of.”

—Melanie L. / #MelOnWheels

“I’m proud to be a business coach who practices maintaining good habits. My wife is a rockstar and bought me this machine two months ago and it has changed my momentum, stress level and I am pumped to get on it every day!”

—Sherry S. / #growgirl

“I’m proud to be a stay at home mom who gets the kiddo into the fitness mix! Peloton gives me an opportunity to stay motivated and spend time with my son! He cheers me on and dances to the music as I ride.”

—Nichole K. / #kschykerynec

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