Our Instructors’ Favorite Holiday Traditions


Robin Arzon 

My favorite holiday tradition is #3for31 – running 3 miles every day in December. I’ve done it virtually 4 years in a row with my social media (and Peloton) family. Stronger together.

Ally Love 

I’m in charge of stuffing the stockings and since my family spends the holidays together, I make sure that everyone has a monogrammed stocking, even the doggies!

Jennifer Jacobs

A holiday tradition for myself, family and friends is watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation during a Christmas cookie decorating competition. Best cookie wins! Ugly sweaters are welcomed!

Denis Morton

My favorite holiday traditions are the simplest ones. My family turns the dining room into a flour explosion to make and decorate Christmas cookies, then greases the wheels of tree decorating with generous portions of eggnog. As a child, we spent every Christmas with our extended family and would go caroling on Christmas Eve as a pack of 20-30 before midnight mass, followed by a late night breakfast that often stretched until 3 AM. We didn’t leave much of a time window for Santa and the adults were exhausted by the time the kids woke up to inspect our haul a few short hours later. Even now, we arise Christmas morning and coordinate to enter the living room in age order, youngest first, to see what the night brought us. Traditions live on wherever we keep them.

Hannah Marie Corbin

Every year my parents and I dance to the crackle of the Oregon Public Broadcasting yule log with some fresh Marionberry pie in hand!

Emma Lovewell 

Every Christmas my mom and I would cut down old grapevines from our yard, and make homemade wreaths. We would cut greenery in our yard —  pine, holly, boxwood, etc to fill the wreaths. So fun to get creative with the things you already have! Click here to check out what the final product looks like!

Also, every winter I like to paint my own holiday cards. I use watercolors, and usually, paint some kind of winter scene. I’ve been painting my whole life, and learned from my mother — she’s an amazing artist. For the past 8 years or so I would individually hand paint each card. It wasn’t until last year when I got too busy I decided to just paint one, and then get it printed. Remember, work smarter, not harder.

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