Our Instructors’ Spring Initiatives


Ally Love 

My spring initiative is to clean – clean up form, bad habits, and unfinished projects.

Jess King

This season yields lots of unearthing and upheaval of energy. Everything is new and fresh so make sure to stay present, and be kind to yourself! With that, my spring focus is on the optimization of my body and resources – transforming my body and feeling more energized so I can be more productive, and overall feel like the best possible version of myself! Some things I’ll be incorporating more of include: going outside early in the morning to catch some of the sun’s rays, and drinking ketones by Pruvit to give me the energy to last all day.

Christine D’Ercole

My personal spring initiatives are summed up in these words: amplify confidence, and take greater ownership of my abilities. Turn up the volume on the voice in my head that knows I have what it takes to cross the finish lines I have ahead of me this year.

Robin Arzon

My spring initiative is to reduce clutter and shop mindfully! I’m applying the “one in, one out” rule to my belongings – nothing new goes into my closet unless I cycle something out. It makes me mindful of what I actually use, and what I should donate to someone in need.

Emma Lovewell

My spring initiative is “progress not perfection.” Remembering to continue the work that I’m doing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. And knowing that it’s enough. I will only learn, get better and stronger if I keep moving ahead. There is no use in comparing to others or an idealistic view of what we should be. It is our own journey, and not the destination.

Denis Morton

My initiative this spring is to take time for myself. I recently started lifting weights for the first time since the 90’s, and it feels wonderful to struggle against things, to be coached and to feel myself making progress week to week. That feeling of ‘taking initiative’ has started to spread into other aspects of my life, and I’m seeking out ways to find the coaching I need to feel progress as I work through less physical things (responding to emails, time management, planning, my relationships, my internal dialogue, etc). It’s amazing how the slightest shift in attitude can inspire action on so many different fronts, and instead of procrastinating, I’m engaging with things as they come up. It’s a subtle but significant shift.

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