Our Instructors’ Summer Goals


Ally Love

To stretch more after my workouts.

Hannah Marie Corbin

My summer goal is to adventure as much as possible!

Robin Arzon

To train for my upcoming marathons in Berlin and New York City as well as to continue to meditate twice a day.

Christine D’Ercole

Having just returned from a successful run at Master’s National Championships, I am now preparing for Master’s World Championships in LA in October. I will be managing my rides, time in the gym, training, and racing in order to prep.

Jess King

To explore the natural wonders of New York City. I recently stumbled upon Battery Park and realized that there was so much of the city that I was missing! I would love to use new spaces for walking meditations, outdoor workouts or just plain old people-watching. Exploring the parks of this great city is what I’ll be up to!

Jenn Sherman

To carve out time to get to my trainer more as well as to read three books by Labor Day!

Cody Rigsby

This summer, I am trying to stay away from short quick diets and to make small changes to maintain a more sustainable food regime.

Denis Morton

To get settled in NYC, get comfortable on camera, and get in the ocean once a week whether there are waves or not!

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