Introducing a Brand New In-Class Experience


We’re committed to constantly updating and innovating to make your Peloton experience better and more personalized. Over the next week, beginning Friday, November 17th, we’re releasing new updates to your in-class experience.

Class Segments

For all live classes, you’ll see a progress bar at the top of the screen, showing how much time has elapsed in your class.

For all on-demand rides starting on November 9th, you’ll also see icons along the progress bar indicating what’s to come in the class. For example, if an on-demand class has an arms segment 30 minutes into a 60-minute ride, you’ll see an arms icon midway through the progress bar.

Metrics Visibility

We’ve heard from Members who wear heart rate monitors that it can be difficult to see your heart rate on the touchscreen because of the bike’s handlebar position. We’ve moved the heart rate metric to the upper left of the screen to make it easier to see.

We’ve also removed the colors associated with metrics. You’ll note that as part of this change, your personal record is no longer yellow.

Beyond the Ride Stretching + Calorie Counts

We’re now displaying estimated calorie counts for Beyond the Ride workouts, based on your personal age and weight, as well as the approximate level of effort for a certain type of workout. Make sure your profile is up-to-date for the most accurate numbers.

We’ve also removed the stretching notification at the end of rides since most rides continue through the final minute. We encourage you to stretch with our live and on-demand Beyond the Ride classes.

Are these upgrades helping you pedal to peak performance? We want to know! Please send any feedback and questions to, or share your thoughts on our Official Peloton Rider page.