What is the Peloton Digital Membership?


The Peloton Digital Membership gives you access to more class varieties than ever before. Whether you’re joining us on the Bike, Tread or on our iOS app, you’ll be able to experience our workouts on Android, FireTV and web beginning later this year. Along with the cycling classes you know and love, you’ll see an unprecedented variety of brand new classes on and off the Peloton Tread including running, bootcamp, outdoor classes and more, all on your favorite iOS device. So what’s inside?

Take Cardio and Strength Classes With the Peloton Tread

It’s finally here: live cardio and strength classes on and off the Peloton Tread are available on Peloton Digital starting today. Choose from bootcamp, running, walking and more classes with our elite lineup of new instructors, with new classes added every day.

Enjoy More of the Cycling Classes That Started It All

Peloton Digital now features even more of your favorite cycling classes. Stream from any space, whether at home or on the go. Experience your favorite instructors in new live classes every single day.

Strengthen, Stretch and More With Floor Classes

We’ve expanded Beyond the Ride into an all-new category of floor workouts taught by our lineup of Peloton Cycling and Tread instructors, including strength, stretching, cardio and much more. Find these classes under the Floor category.

Take It to the Streets With All-New Outdoor Classes

Now, take Peloton with you to the streets, the trail and everywhere else you run, with new outdoor classes combining goal-smashing playlists and guidance from our team of both Peloton Cycling and Tread instructors.

We can’t wait for you to experience all these fresh new workouts!

Know a friend who would love Peloton Digital? Let them know this all-new experience is available for $12.99 a month. Check it out in the App Store below.