Introducing The Spring Launch Challenge


It’s officially Spring, Members!

And as you do this time of year, we’re ready to push through and grow with the next edition of our seasonal challenges. For the month of April, the Spring Launch Challenge is here to inspire you to explore new things and dive into a fresh new challenge with our community–it’s a month-long celebration in sweat.

Start the Spring Launch Challenge beginning April 1 and take at least one new Peloton class every day of the month on your Bike or Tread to receive a special badge! If you’re a newer Member, it’s the perfect way to explore the full breadth of Peloton classes, and if you’ve been with us for a while, challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone and try a class with a different instructor, a new format, or an unfamiliar music genre to switch things up. Invite your friends to keep each other accountable and celebrate new milestones together.

Now that the weather is beginning to get warmer, this is the perfect time to check out the outdoor running classes on Peloton Digital. Ride, run, flow, strengthen or stretch – all that matters is that you show up. You can access all Peloton classes via iOS, Android or Web, so take the challenge from wherever you are. Mixing things up with classes of different lengths and types is the goal of the challenge, and also a healthy part of any workout routine, so it’s a great time to discover what a guided walk or a sleep meditation can do for your overall wellness.

Starting today, you can opt into the Spring Launch Challenge on your Bike or Tread and invite your friends to chase your goals together. Though you can’t opt in on Digital, any class across Bike, Tread or Digital counts!