Jennifer Jacobs’ Top Travel Tips


If you are like me, you never want to skip a beat even when you travel. When you’re always on the go it’s important to feel your best but traveling, even if you never cross time zones, can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Here are just a few tips that help keep me at the top of my game no matter where I go.


Water, water, water! The longer your trip, the more important it is to stay hydrated, especially during air travel. Drink lots of water and drink it often. On a flight, I typically drink sparkling water with lemon (not club soda which has higher sodium content) or just simply hot water with lemon. I also bring a large bottle of water with me to sip throughout the flight.

Meal Prep

Brown bag it! Try to avoid any in-flight meals. These days airlines don’t typically have meal service, except if you are traveling overseas. Think ahead and either pack your own meals and snacks or get something at an airport restaurant if you have time. Some things I like to bring are a healthy salad (think greens and protein), rice cakes, natural peanut butter, unsalted nuts and fresh fruit. If you are in a pinch at the airport, grab low salted nuts and some fresh fruit. Be careful of consuming too much sodium as it will make you feel bloated after the flight.


The worst feeling is right before you land your legs and feet have swollen so much it’s like you shoes shrunk two sizes in the air! To help prevent this I put on a pair of compression socks as soon as I board the flight. Compression socks help with circulation and blood flow in your legs which reduce discomfort and swelling. Recently I started using Zensah socks to help with this!

Skin Care

Air travel, in particular, can take a real toll on your skin so before you get on a flight or even during the flight, make sure to moisturize your face. One of the things I do is bring a face or eye mask with me. If you are not a shy person, just put it on your face at some point during your flight. It will not only help pass the time but your skin and eyes will be bright and glowing.

Hair Care

Who said you have to have a bad hair day? We’ve all been there before; being on a plane does not always give you the best hair when you land. Two words: dry shampoo. Use a little before you get on the flight and even right after. It will help keep your hair from looking too flat and reduce fly aways. One of my favorites is AVC dry shampoo.

Move your body

When you travel you spend a lot of time sitting in one place. Sometimes the first thing we want to do is take a nap, have a bite to eat or even a drink. Before you do any of these things, try to get your body moving again! It doesn’t have to be a long or strenuous workout, just something to change up your sedentary state. Pack some easy travel equipment like a jump rope and take advantage of a quick Beyond The Ride workout available on the Peloton app. My 20-minute Full Body Workout will knockout any fatigue!

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