Active Minutes: A Day in the Life of Yoga Instructor and Mom Kristin McGee


Our “Active Minutes” series shows you a glimpse inside the lives of our Peloton instructors, and how they spend their time moving through the world outside of class. In a special Mother’s Day edition, we spent the day with Peloton Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee and her family.

Being a mother has changed my perspective and outlook on fitness in so many ways. First, I realize how important it is to stay fit and strong and healthy so I can keep up with my three boys and have the stamina, energy and strength to carry and support them as well as play alongside them. When I’m not on my mat, they keep me active and I love spending this time being playful and curious in different ways outside of my yoga practice. We usually take our activity outside and one of our favorite spots to do this is in NYC’s Central Park! Follow along below to learn what an afternoon in the park looks like with my active crew.

2:30 PM: I’m working on getting the kids dressed and out the door! Timothy can usually get ready by himself while the twins Robert and William need a little extra help. Before we head out, we make sure scooters and helmets are in tow…and this time around William, insisted he brought his blanket to the park–he’s never done this before!

2:45 PM: We head to the park but stop a few times along the way to climb and check out anything that’s interesting on the street on the way there!

3:00 PM: We finally enter the park and create a game plan for what we want to do first! Having three boys and three different opinions about what to do is sometimes challenging but we usually try to fit a little bit of everything in.

3:15 PM: The boys love to check out the flowers so this is our first stop! I think it’s so important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and observe your surroundings–talk about what you see, the flowers, the squirrels, the clouds in the sky (make shapes out of them), have a picnic or climb a tree!

3:45 PM: After we’re done at the flowers, we run (and scooter) over to the playground to the swings. My boys love going on the swings and it’s a great way to bond with them and do something all together.

4:00 PM: The boys decide they’re done with the swings so we keep heading into the park for toward Sheep’s Meadow. Along the way we look for squirrels–Robert and William (my twins) specifically love this!

4:15 PM: We spot an ice cream truck so we make a pit stop there. Robert, William and Timothy each have their favorite popsicles that they love–treat time was in full effect.

4:30 PM: Once we enter Sheep’s Meadow, the boys like to run and explore. There are so many things to look at and check out around us (kites, trees, other little friends). Popsicles in hand, they find things that interest them.

4:45 PM: William finds a tree so we all decide to check it out–taking advantage of a tree with big limbs is always fun so we can use to climb and hang. I like showing my boys how to use the environment outside to play. Being a mother has definitely empowered me to prioritize my health by realizing how physically fit you actually have to be to keep up with three young boys!

5:00 PM: We start to head back home but before we make it out of the park, the boys decide to use a hill to run and scooter down a few times. They love this! Robert and Timothy get to work on their scooter skills, navigating the sidewalk, while William and I race down the hill together.

5:20 PM: After a quick water break, we finally head home. These type of days are my favorite and being able to share fitness and movement with my boys is so important because I want them to learn and understand that our minds and bodies are connected. When our body feels good and we are aware of the connection between fitness and happiness, it’s amazing! I want my boys to feel empowered and strong and capable and confident; and exercise and fitness can help develop all of those skills. I also love having things we can do together that are healthy and fun.