These Live Peloton Classes Are Unlike Any Other Workout You’ve Tried


Get ready to clip in, work hard and get lost in two brand new live class experiences that make for a killer weekend of fitness and fun! Peloton cycling instructor Jess King starts the party on Thursdays with The Jess King Experience, a nonstop live show full of jokes, spontaneity and (as always) a lot of fun, while Ally Love is bringing it home on Sundays with Love, a weekly ride designed to lift you up mentally and spiritually and prepare you for a beautiful week ahead. Get ready to catch them live on the Bike or Peloton Digital–and we do mean LIVE! While these classes will be available on-demand after broadcast, you’ll only be able to earn a special badge for each class if you take them live each week. Learn more about what you can expect in both of these live Peloton classes below.

The Jess King Experience

Peloton, It’s time to turn up the fun! Join Peloton cycling instructor Jess King and DJ John Michael as they put a live television twist on your favorite cycling class to bring you this totally one of a kind, totally Jess King ride. “There’s been nothing like this ride because it hasn’t existed until now,” says Jess. “What we’ve created has never been done before at Peloton.”  Break a sweat while breaking into laughter as Jess takes you on the journey of a challenging ride sprinkled with dance breaks, Peloton trivia and some surprise special guests that will have you on the edge of your seat. “Expect the unexpected and witness me and DJ John Michael like you’ve never seen us before,” says Jess, “Plus, stay tuned for opportunities to contribute and be a part of the show!” 

The Jess King experience will be your chance to shake off the week and cycle through a celebration you may have not known you needed until the final moments of this unforgettable workout. “It will be the most fun, most unpredictable and the fastest 30 minutes of your week,” says Jess, “This is a must-see live experience!” Don’t miss your chance to let loose every Thursday starting October 3rd at 9:00 PM ET. 

Sundays With Love 

Inspired by Ally’s passion to uplift the Peloton community through motivation, sweat and music, Sundays With Love was born. This unique class experience will be structured around specific individual virtues, such as courage, pride and wit, which you’ll explore each week with Ally as your leader. “Spirituality takes on different meanings for everyone, and this ride definitely embodies those differences,” says Ally. “I’ll be guiding everyone on a journey from struggle to joy through transformational wisdom.”

In addition to the high-fives you’ll give and receive on the Leaderboard, Ally will be introducing new ways to connect with riders near and far by delivering special messages from one Member to another live in each ride. Want to send a special message to another rider? Submit your note on Ally’s Facebook page through a form that will be shared each week, and Ally may deliver your message to your friend or loved one live during the class. While each live show takes a different road (and has the same challenges as all Ally Love rides) midway through each class Ally will invite you to join her to power up an epic climb and conquer this signature effort together with other riders right by your side. “We will create an experience that is not only memorable but that also celebrates life and one another,” says Ally. She welcomes you to bring your heart, soul and that special Peloton love to each class. See you in the saddle for Sundays With Love every Sunday starting October 6th at 11:45 AM ET.