Are You Doing These 3 Common Lower Body Strength Movements Correctly?


We see you–you’ve been killing it in your strength classes and it certainly shows throughout all your Peloton workouts. But whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned squat enthusiast, it’s always smart to do a quick form check. Below, Peloton Head instructor Robin Arzon breaks down the correct form for three common lower body strength exercises you’ll often see in Strength and Bootcamp classes. 

The Squat 

Whether with or without weights, make sure to perform this movement as demonstrated below.

  • Stand with your legs shoulder to hip-width apart
  • Have your knees above your second and third toe at 11 and 1, making sure your knees aren’t coming inwards
  • Make sure that there is a bend at your ankle, knees, and hip 
  • Brace your core by bringing your belly to your spine
  • Like you’re standing up from a chair, move your body up and tuck your hips underneath your body, activating your glutes and keeping your back straight

The Deadlift 

Performing deadlifts with proper form will help protect all areas of your back during this movement

  • Stand with your legs shoulder to hip-width apart 
  • Hinge at the hips to keep your spine in a neutral position
  • With a flat back, bring your torso towards the floor 
  • Engage your glutes and hamstrings to return to standing, being careful to keep your spine neutral–although the movement is generated from the hip hinge, make sure to not lock out your knees

The Lunge 

Apply the guide below while you’re moving through either a forward lunge or reverse lunge

  • Stand with your legs shoulder to hip-width apart with your toes facing forward
  • Take one step forward, and lower your weight straight down towards the floor, ensuring both your front leg and back leg create 90-degree angles
  • Make sure that your back knee doesn’t hit the ground–it should just be hovering over the floor 
  • This movement can be performed with or without a weight

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