The Marathon Training Program: Tips, Tricks and FAQs


Our first ever outdoor marathon training program is coming to Peloton Digital on iOS on May 21, and we tapped the minds behind it—Robin, Becs, Matt, Rebecca and Andy—to give you some insights into the program, help you prepare for your training journey and answer your burning questions.

Plus, stay tuned for our Facebook Live about the program on Global Running Day on June 5!

Why the Marathon?

This community has shown us that committing to a goal is better together. This program will give you the workouts, the epic playlists, and the tips and wisdom that you get with every Peloton class, all packaged up into a three-part, 18-week program that will keep you focused, inspired and strong from your first training run through the finish line. Follow us on Facebook to catch a special Facebook Live about the program on Global Running Day on June 5!

Who It’s For

No matter where you’re starting from, we know the marathon is an epic feat of physical and mental agility. We designed this program with first-timers and intermediate marathoners in mind. The program is meant to be easily adapted to your plans, whether you just want to finish, or you have a specific time goal in mind. We recommend getting comfortable running continuously for 3 to 4 miles before you dive into the program.

Got questions? We have answers. We tapped our program team of instructors to make sure you have everything you need to start the program.

Where can I take the Marathon Training Program?

The program is currently available on Peloton Digital on iOS. Combining guided outdoor running classes with video strength classes, this is a program you can take anywhere, anytime.

When should I start the program?

We recommend starting the program at least 18 weeks out from your planned marathon. If you’re newer to distance running, we recommend giving yourself an extra month to start running before you dive into the program.

How do I plan which classes to take when?

The program is planned on a seven-day schedule, giving you the flexibility to decide which day of the week you start the program. While the full plan (see below!) suggests Sunday for your long run and Monday for your rest day, you can adapt the plan to suit your schedule. Is your race on a Saturday? You might want to consider doing your long runs on Saturdays too. Just be sure to alternate rest and recovery days with your harder efforts and long runs.

What types of classes will be featured?

Our instructors incorporate five main class types into this program: tempo runs, race prep runs, strength classes, recovery fun runs and long run warm-ups. Each of these will allow you to gain speed and strength, get in the race day mindset, and allow plenty of time for rest and recovery. Following these class types from week to week will also allow you to easily track your progress across the 18 weeks of the program. Some weeks, you’ll closely follow the same class plan as the previous week, which gives you an opportunity to test your performance and see if you can improve over last week’s metrics!

Will you have classes specifically for long runs?

We’ve created a 10 min warmup run for each of your weekly long runs to get you in the zone with long run-specific tips and motivation from Robin, Becs and Matt. This accommodates the breadth of paces you’ll be running during your long run, and also lets you use the long run as training ground for your race.

Where can I view the full 18-week plan before I start?

We created this simple PDF that you can download above that includes the full schedule that you can view, save and print to help you plan your training.