Matt Wilpers’ Marathon Training Programs

Peloton Cycle

Are you training for your first Marathon? Are you able to run three miles 3-4 times a week without stopping? Can you commit to running at least three days a week? If so, let’s do this!

Prior to starting this plan, it is helpful but not required to get in at least 3-6 weeks of consistent running, 3-4 times a week, and for at least 3-4 miles at a time. I encourage you to drop by your local running store to make sure you have adequate footwear to train for a full marathon. Two other very important components of your training include sleep and nutrition. As the workouts get more demanding on your body, you will need more sleep to recover. It is important to remember that it is during the recovery from your workouts that you heal up and absorb the benefits. Nutrition before, during, and after your runs can make or break your training and race. Registered Dietician Nutritionists like Claire Shorenstein can be your best guide in navigating the best nutrition throughout your training.

A few other important components of your training that are highlighted in this program include strength training, stretching combined with foam rolling, and warming up. These are the minimum of maintenance work you should be doing to keep your body performing at it’s best. In this training plan, I’ve provided some guidance in each of these areas for you and have incorporated Peloton classes and Beyond the Ride workouts into this plan for valuable cross-training options.

For this program, I’ve provided three different levels of training. Novice, intermediate and advance. Find each of these plans through the links below and of course, if you have any health concerns, please make sure to consult your physician before starting.

Novice / Intermediate / Advanced


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