Member Stories: Celebrating Peloton Moms


Adria B.

How does Peloton help you as a mother?

Peloton helps me be a better mother in many ways. My girls lost their father unexpectedly four years ago. Before our loss I was an avid runner and did group training at my local gym weekly. I tried to continue these activities, however, my girls would panic when I would leave the house. We have no other family to help me and when combined with my own grief, I eventually stopped exercising. Years later, when I saw my friends post, I knew I needed a Peloton Bike. Peloton helps me be a better mother by allowing me to exercise at home near my girls. It helps me show them that it’s important to take care of yourself and to relieve stress. It’s also important to me to show them that exercise is fun!

How is Peloton different than any other workout?

Where else can you work out with a DJ playing great mixes? I have so much fun that I don’t even realize how hard I push myself by the end of the class. It also feels like the instructors are talking just to me, encouraging me to drop my worries and focus, pushing me to have the best workout. They seem to know the moment I want to give up and they always say the right thing to keep me going!

Overall, how has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

Peloton has changed me for the better. It helped me return to exercise when I didn’t think it was possible. It helps me stay close to my girls when they really need me. I have met fellow riders from all over the United States that encourage me and support me through difficult times. Both my girls ride as well, so they know how fun it can be and how important it is to allow mom to have time to get a ride in.

Robin K.

How does Peloton help you as a mother and grandmother?

My mom died of a heart attack at 64. Four years later my dad died of congestive heart failure. A year later my brother died of a heart attack at age 46. My sister-in-law had died four years before him, leaving us with two of their boys to raise. As a working mom of three already, I knew I had to keep moving to stay ahead of all of them – five kids, a husband, two dogs and three cats. The Peloton Bike took away every excuse. As I approach 700 rides, I’m still cycling out in front of all of them. My goal is staying active so I can do the things I want as my grandkids grow!

How is Peloton different than any other workout?

Plain and simple – the metrics were a game changer for me. In spin class, you could look both ways and give that knob a touch and say, “Look at me, I added on resistance.” With Peloton, it’s clear what you’re adding. No cheating yourself! And as someone who likes numbers, the milestones have kept me going.

Overall, how has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

Peloton has helped my stress levels and overall health, which is extremely important at my age. It’s made me look different at working out. It’s made me connect. I have taken different instructors depending on how I feel, not just for a workout. I’ve danced with Cody, cried with Christine, and sang with Jenn. With Robin, all I can say is I swear at the screen a lot – in a good way of course.

Nikki M.

How would you describe how you feel after class?

I’m always incredibly refreshed and revitalized. I take most of my classes with Christine and consider her to be a phenomenal instructor. I enjoy the fact that she instructs her class the way she trains for her race season. Heart rate training coupled with the variety of BTR workouts each week has helped me become a better athlete on and off the bike. I also train in martial arts and have noticed an increase in my stamina and flexibility.

How does Peloton help you as a mother?

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful rays of light: My 16-year-old and 9-year-old young women, and my 11-year-old young man. My oldest, Maya, is living with autism. She is an A honor roll student in high school and a gifted artist. She has been the biggest reason why I get on my bike and pedal through all the stress and perseverance that comes with being a mother of a special needs child. My mantra as a mother and advocate for children living with autism is if my daughter can overcome any obstacles tossed at her daily with the positivity and elegance that just bubbles forth from her smile, then I can overcome any fear and uncertainty I might feel through a long endurance or that last push. I ride under the hashtag #1000forMaya because I promised my daughter I would ride 1000+ miles for her this year. Peloton and the family of riders I have come to know has helped me connect with other parents of special needs children and has laid out a foundation of continuous support for people like me who ride and fight for causes embedded in their spirit.

Overall, how has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

Before I bought my Peloton bike, I was getting some cardio workouts in during the week, but not as much as I would have liked. Going to the gym was just not an option for me with a tight work schedule and three different school schedules to contend with. I needed something I could do effectively at home and still feel the results of a full gym workout. I had never taken one single spin class before I saw Peloton. One of the main selling points for me when purchasing this bike was the ability to take cross training workouts from the same platform. I love incorporating the BTR workouts into my weekly cycling regimen. Physically, my resting heart rate has decreased by 20 points, and my endurance levels have skyrocketed. Since I love cycling so much, I purchased my first road bike for my birthday this year and brought my love of cycling outdoors. I think when you find an activity you truly love doing exercise feels like a retreat and to be able to do this with like-minded people makes it even more rewarding.

Jillian K.

What have you loved about riding throughout your pregnancy?

I did a class 5-6 days a week until the day before my son was born. I never pushed myself to be completely breathless on the bike. Some days I had a great sweat sesh and some days it felt good to just spin out my legs at my own pace. No matter what the intensity level was I was on the bike and it was the only way I could start my day. I felt so amazing after I finished my class. I would shower then go to work with so much energy!

Being a new mother, how has Peloton fit into your new schedule?

Once the baby was born I appreciated having this bike in my home more than you would ever know. I ended up having to have a c-section because the baby was breech. I feared that I couldn’t get on the bike for a couple months after such a major surgery. However, after only 2.5 weeks I got the go-ahead from my doctor and I was back on the bike.

As every mom knows, the newborn stage is quite exhausting. There is no way I would have been able to get out of the house 1.) completely exhausted and 2.) with a newborn. The bike was right in my bedroom so I really had no excuse. The baby was in the bassinet, my headphones were on and I was on my way to a great ride! I’m not going to lie, within the first 10 minutes of some rides I wanted to quit and go catch up on some zzz’s. However, every time I pushed through and finished the ride, I felt so amazing for the rest of the day! That 45-minute ride was so much better for my well-being than a 45-minute nap.

Today, Brooks is 13 months old. Peloton gives me the energy I need to run after a toddler and work from home all day. Currently, I am loving the 10-minute core exercises. If I only have a half hour to work out in the morning I will do 10-minute core, a few arm exercises and jump on the bike for 20 minutes, then I am officially ready to start my day! We just found out we are expecting baby number two and you can bet I will be riding all the way through this pregnancy as well!

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