Member Story: Ayana Parsons

How did you find Peloton?

I found Peloton because of my husband, Ebbie. It was summer of 2016 and I was gearing up for rotator cuff surgery — a surgery I had put off for about 5 years, by the way. In the months leading up to my surgery, I was running, rowing and weightlifting and I was not looking forward to giving it all up for surgery. Ebbie convinced me that we should get the Peloton and I committed to it, even though I’d only been to 1-2 spin classes ever.

How would you describe how you feel after class?

After class, I feel accomplished and ready to start my day. I try to mix up my rides quite a bit so that I’m never doing the same thing.

How does Peloton make you better on and off the bike?

As a former basketball player, staying in great shape is important to me. Peloton helps me be the “corporate athlete” that I am now (lol)! I work long hours and travel regularly as a consultant so managing my energy is absolutely critical.

How has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

I was already pretty fit when I started spinning but I’ve never had as much leg strength. Plus, as a member of Ally Love’s Love Squad, I’ve met some pretty amazing people!

Has taking class helped you throughout your pregnancy at all?

Absolutely. I’m in my late 30’s so let’s just say I’m feeling every bit of this pregnancy. The fatigue has been unreal! But Peloton has been my go-to to keep my energy up and maintain a high level of fitness. I’ve already pre-ordered the Tread and can’t wait to start those classes in the fall.

Is there something you couldn’t do before Peloton that you can now tackle?

I’ll tell you something I could do before Peloton that I can’t do now — make excuses for not working out. That’s what I love about it. Not only does Peloton take the guesswork out of working out, it takes away your ability to make excuses. I’m a busy wife, mom and executive. Even if I only have 15 minutes, I can get a great workout in.

How is Peloton different than any other workout?

The technology, the community, the experience — it just can’t be replicated. I have literally done every fitness program under the sun, and I’m still in awe that I’m able to have those experiences and so much more in the comfort of my own home with Peloton. It’s incredible!

If you could describe your Peloton experience in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Inspirational, energizing, motivating. Peloton never ceases to amaze me. The men and women who ride this bike that goes nowhere are an incredible group, and I’ve gotten a chance to hear their inspiring stories over the years. “Energizing” and “motivating” because I’ve gotten to know my favorite instructor, Ally Love, on a personal level and her positivity and energy is contagious, even with her being in NYC and me being in Atlanta.

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