Member Story: John Abella

How would you describe how you feel after class?

This answer is very different now versus when we first got our bike. These days after class I feel great. I tend to ride around 5 AM before work and while all of my best performances have been later in the day, starting my day with a ride seems to work really well for me. I have friends and co-workers who have bikes as well and the feeling is universal: class might be hard, but it’s worth it afterward.

How does Peloton make you better on and off the bike?

I’m able to do a lot more with my family now, and charity outdoor bike rides have become much easier after doing 1,350 miles of Peloton rides.

How has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

I went from a fairly sedentary lifestyle to riding consistently several days per week. To support that, I’ve made changes in my diet, I’m getting more sleep, and learning how to jump out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5am. My friends would also say that it’s made me an evangelist, since I end up talking about Peloton often.

Is there something you couldn’t do before Peloton that you can now tackle?

Prior to getting the bike, my workouts were sporadic at best, and while I thought they were vigorous, it turns out I was fooling myself. After a year of having the bike, I just completed my first two 5k runs and I’m getting faster by the second.

How is Peloton different than any other workout?

The competitive part appeals to me, as well as being told what to do. Left to my own devices, I find that I don’t push myself as hard as I do when riding. I also love being able to track progress over time and really analyze the metrics – I really enjoy that aspect of it.

How would you describe the Peloton community?

Obsessive, in the absolute best way possible. And supportive, and helpful, and…colorful. I spend time on The Official Peloton Member Page to help people who are just getting new bikes and learning the ropes.

If you could describe your Peloton experience in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Resistance, Persistence, and Results.

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