New Feature! View On-Demand Class Playlists


We’re really pumped for this one! With our new View Class Playlist feature, now you can check out playlists for on-demand rides before and after you take them. Discover new songs, find favorites that helped you power through to a new milestone, and get a taste for your instructors’ go-tos.

This feature will display on all rides beginning September 25, 2017.  Playlists won’t show for live DJ rides.

To help you get started, our instructors each hand-picked a class featuring one of their favorite playlists. You can find those classes in a new collection on the ‘Featured’ tab on your bike.

Plus, check out the playlists on our Spotify channel, where we’ll be featuring three a week! Make sure you follow us on Spotify and get ready to ride to a new beat.

Are these upgrades helping you pedal to peak performance? We want to know! Please send any feedback and questions to, or share your thoughts on our Official Peloton Rider page.