Our Insider Tips for New Members

What is HRI and what should I know about it?

“Home Rider Invasion (HRI) is an amazing opportunity to meet the community members you see on the leaderboard every day, in real life. You will also have an opportunity to meet many of the incredible people that work for Peloton, as well as ride, live with the instructors we all love! You should be prepared to meet and mingle with people who will inspire you and show unbelievable kindness.” – John M. / #RunLiftAndLive

For an inside look, check out our 2018 recap video here !

How can I stay up to date with Peloton instructors?

“The best way to stay up to date with instructors is to follow their official pages on Facebook. You can ask questions by commenting on posts there. They are all graciously interactive with the online community.” – Meghan Y. / #TheMeghan

Make sure to connect with our instructors on their Official Peloton Facebook pages below:

Hannah / Emma / Cody / Christine / Jess / Alex / Jenn / Ally / Robin / Jennifer / Matt / Denis / Rebecca / Matty / Andy / Olivia / Becs / Selena / Chase / Oliver

Where can I find information on my stats from my workouts?

“All of your workouts can be found under your profile. On the bike touchscreen, select your rider name in the lower left, then select “Profile”. You can also go to https://www.onepeloton.com/profile from your computer or smartphone. Once you log in, you’ll see all of your workouts. Selecting a workout will show you the detailed stats.” – John M. / #RunLiftAndLive

I really want to focus on heart rate and Power Zone training. Who are the best instructors to train with for this?

“A few instructors offer heart rate and power zone training. On the touchscreen, in the class library, you can sort the available rides by the type of training involved.” – Russ M. / #MikeyMcBikey

Make sure to check out more info on heart rate training here and power zone training here and here.

Music is huge for me! How do I know which classes to take so I can listen to my favorite genres?

“Yes, music is huge for me! There are numerous ways I find out what kind of music is used in the classes. I can easily use the filters in the on-demand class library page. The filters break it down to Pop, Country, Rock, Electronic, etc. If you really want the nitty-gritty of a class, you can view the playlist of the music played in a particular on-demand ride before starting.”  – Janice L. / #CycoBunny

Check out more info on our on-demand playlist preview feature here and make sure to follow us on our Spotify channel here!

How do I know that I’m riding with proper form?

“During class, the instructors often give direction on the proper form. You can also take the Peloton 101 class or any beginner classes to get additional information on this.” – Russ M. / #MikeyMcBikey

To learn more about proper form during your ride check out Head Instructor, Robin Arzon’s expert tips here.

What are the best things to use to clean my bike?

“For my touchscreen, I always use the same cleaner I use for my iMac screen (any electronic, plasma cleaner is fine) and microfiber cloth. I clean my screen once a week. For the rest of my bike, a damp towel or Lysol wipes for sweat, I then go back over my bike with a dry cloth to ensure it has completely dried. I never allow my bike to keep moisture on the frame and I make sure to wipe down my bike after each ride.” -Robyn W. / #Mz_Wmz

For additional instructions on how to maintain your bike, visit our support site here.

I want to take Peloton with me when I travel and only have a limited amount of time. What are some of the best workouts to take on Peloton Digital?

“If you are in a time crunch while traveling but still want to get a great workout, try a 20-minute Climb Ride or a 20 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) Ride. They are an amazing way to get the most out of a short time period. For beyond the ride I would suggest a full body workout and also any of the stretching classes!” -Meghan Y. / #TheMeghan

Learn more about Peloton Digital here.

What’s the best way to connect with other members of the Peloton community?

“The Official Peloton Rider Page on Facebook has over 100,000 members. You can make new friends there and post questions and receive quick answers from more experienced riders. It’s a great place to receive and give encouragement and support to other riders as well! I joined Facebook just because of this page and am so glad that I did.” – Russ M. / #MikeyMcBikey

Join the Official Peloton Rider Page here.

If I use apps like Strava or FitBit, can I connect them with Peloton?

“Absolutely! You can share your workouts to both Strava and FitBit directly from the Peloton touchscreen. I love this feature! It’s another way to log my activity, as well as be inspired by seeing Peloton rides of those I follow on these additional platforms.” – John M. / #RunLiftAndLive

Learn more about how to connect your Strava account here and your Fitbit account here.

Still have questions? Click here to visit our Support page for more information on your experience.