Here’s How Peloton Challenges Can Take Your Workout to The Next Level


With the unwavering energy of the entire Peloton community by your side, there is no limit to how far we can go together. That’s why we created Peloton Challenges. Challenges offer you the ability to commit to a fitness-focused goal along with other Members. Whether on your Bike or Tread, you’ll always find at least two different ways to put your commitment to the test throughout the month: activity challenges or distance challenges. There are three levels for each Challenge; you can earn either a gold, silver or bronze badge accordingly. Opt in at anytime during the month on your Bike or Tread and all of the current classes taken that month will go towards your progress!

  • Activity Challenge: Work out at least 5 days throughout the month to receive bronze, 10 for silver or go for 15 to achieve the coveted gold. Any class on Bike, Tread and Digital counts, so take a stretch on the web or meditate with the app.
  • Cycling Challenge: Ride at least 50 miles throughout the month to receive bronze, 100 for silver or go for gold with 150. Any cycling class on the Bike counts.
  • Running Challenge: Run at least 10 miles throughout the month for bronze, 25 for silver or hit 40 for the gold. All running and bootcamp classes on the Tread count, as well as outdoor classes with running route tracking enabled.

Throughout the year, we’ll also be offering seasonal challenges to allow you more chances to continue to push yourself to your next level. In these challenges, you’ll take at least one new Peloton class for 30 days in a row on your Bike, Tread or Peloton Digital to receive a special badge! If you’re a newer Member, it’s the perfect way to explore the full breadth of Peloton classes, and if you’ve been with us for a while, challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone and try a class with a different instructor, a new format or an unfamiliar music genre to switch things up. Invite your friends to keep each other accountable and celebrate new milestones together. Though you can’t opt in on Digital, any class across Bike, Tread or Digital counts!

Need more reasons why you should try a Peloton Challenge? We compiled a list below.

Go After That Next Goal

Staring down that next achievement? Use a Peloton Challenge to get you there. Whether you’re doing an activity or distance challenge, either of these options will give you a good reason to work on your output, distance, class consistency and many more elements of your Peloton workout.

Explore New Classes

A Peloton Challenge is the perfect reason to try out a new class type you haven’t tapped into before or check our a new instructor who you’ve yet to train with. Keep every workout feeling fresh by trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone in more ways than one.

Sweat, Together  

The beauty of the Peloton community is knowing you have a team of people who have your back. Whether you’re working to stay consistent with your workout count or looking to take your distance to a new destination, the community will be there to uplift and get you to your peak performance because together, we go far.

Are you ready? Count yourself in for your next class and start a Peloton Challenge today.