Peloton Is Going Global, Starting In The UK and Canada


We’re so excited to announce Peloton’s first international expansion! Beginning in autumn 2018, we will be expanding to the UK and Canada, marking the first time our best-in-class fitness experience will be delivered outside the United States. We’ll also be shipping bikes to the UK and Canada for the first time for Members who are ready to get on board right away.

With this expansion, we’ll also be opening multiple retail locations throughout London and Toronto. These locations will provide an opportunity for international Members to physically experience Peloton firsthand.

Peloton’s international expansion means new team members, too – we’re thrilled to introduce new UK-based indoor cycling instructors to our world-class roster and excited to open the doors to a London studio in 2019. This studio will not only allow a whole new slate of European content, but will also enable our international Members to experience more live classes when it works best for them.

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