Train Smarter and Harder With New Peloton Programs


Whether you’re looking to further structure your training or try something new, Peloton Programs are expertly curated by Peloton instructors to help you reach your best results. From stretching to strength to cardio, our three newest programs have something for everyone, and our talented instructors will be there the whole way to help support and guide your training. Ready to reach the next level? Here’s what you need to know.

Welcome to Peloton Yoga (available on the Bike, the Tread, and iOS Digital)

Haven’t tried a Peloton yoga class? You’re officially missing out. The perfect complement to any athletic training regime, our yoga classes are designed to support mobility, flexibility, and mental focus–and this program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to take Peloton yoga classes safely and effectively. “On a physical level, yoga increases mobility and stability. It improves coordination, balance, and agility which are all qualities that will enhance your performance and experience cycling, running, and in bootcamps,” says Peloton Yoga instructor Anna Greenberg. “On a mental level yoga teaches us to pay attention, to hone in on the task at hand and fully engage with whatever we are doing (easier said than done!) which is the best way to set ourselves up for success in anything we do.” Our bodies and minds crave new ways of moving and connecting, but it can be easy to get stuck in what feels familiar, so the more you challenge yourself with new experiences, the more you prove to yourself that anything is possible. If you’re ready to break through those unconscious habits and patterns and create change and transformation in your life, yoga is here for you. And if you own a Bike or Tread and haven’t downloaded Peloton Digital yet, get it now to explore yoga fundamentals and meet our incredible instructor team.

Bootcamp Explorer (available on the Tread + iOS Digital)

This intermediate program is designed to introduce you to a sequence of bootcamps to help you build strength and endurance on and off the Tread. “I love a bootcamp because it offers different modalities within its workouts, it gets you moving in different directions, focuses on your mobility, stability and strength in new ways every class,” says Master Tread Instructor Rebecca Kennedy. “You can workout in a multitude of ways and still be working on achieving the same goal. This keeps it engaging, fun, and effective!” Bootcamps are as challenging as you make them, and they’re easily modified for all levels. If you’ve tried one or two and want to incorporate more strength work into your routine, it’s a great format to get physically and mentally strong as you get out of your comfort zone and constantly surprise your body with new challenges. “I would suggest bootcamps to Members that are looking for a change! Your body will respond to the new challenges placed on it, and the progress is invigorating,” says Rebecca. “The confidence and passion this type of class lights up in people makes it apparent from the minute you hear them speak and the way they carry themselves.” Want to establish a little more self-love, trust and confidence in yourself? Try this bootcamp program.

Mastering the Basics: Cycling (available on the Bike + iOS Digital)

Once you’ve taken your first couple classes on the Bike and started to find your rhythm, many Members start looking for ways to push themselves further and master some of the moves that make indoor cycling so exciting and challenging. This six-week beginner program will help you excel past the foundations of the Bike and show you how you push your body throughout the course of a class. Haven’t worked up the nerve to ride out of the saddle yet, or find it harder than you expected? This program will show you how and why to do it safely and correctly–and we promise, it’s worth it. “Riding out of the saddle allows you to develop more strength in the upper body. You start to use muscles like your core, back, and arms to help support your weight and develop new ways to attack climbs and intervals with more power,” says Master Cycling Instructor Cody Rigsby. “This development of new muscle groups helps with endurance and helps battle muscle fatigue.” Similarly, those arms sections aren’t there for you to just pedal through; strong arms are key for keeping the proper form on the Bike and letting you fully engage your core. “Incorporating arms into your workouts complements every ride,” says Cody. “Your upper body strength helps your rides and your rides help your upper body strength.” So if you’ve been hesitating to try the full expression of a Peloton Bike workout, give this program a try and let us lead you through it.