Introducing Peloton Programs: The Latest Way to Sweat With Peloton


You’ve been doing amazing work on the Bike. No, really–we can tell. But if you’re ready to take it to the next level, Peloton Programs are for you. “The programs were developed so we could provide a more targeted approach to how Members should work out depending on their goals,” says Peloton’s VP of Fitness Robin Arzon. “Whether it’s a beginner who’s new to the Bike and wants some structure to their training, or someone who wants to level up their workouts with a program that’s focused on intervals or climbs, it was important that we provide this new approach for our community.”

We’re kicking this launch off with three two to six-week programs: Welcome to the Leaderboard, The Climb, and Ride Tabata With Robin, who’s here to explain why Peloton Programs will soon be your new favorite way to work out.

Why should someone try a training program?

I think anytime you mix up how you train you’re going to see greater results! Repetition isn’t beneficial when you are aiming to shock your body and see change. Try something new and change things up in order to evolve your workout.

Tabata, a form of 20-seconds-on 10-seconds-off interval training, is known for its intensity. What would you tell someone who’s intimidated to try a Tabata program for the first time?

I think people need to use that fear as fuel–I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Tabata is one of the most effective training programs, and it works because you have to work. I would tell anyone who’s hesitant to try it that results will not show up unless you do.

That said, remember that modifications are always encouraged in every single class. For the Tabata program specifically, there are beginner offerings provided within the first few weeks and then we build up to 30 and 45 minutes. I always encourage Members to start with the shorter classes until they feel comfortable and then try out a 45-minute class.

For someone who’s already training hard, how will Programs impact their performance?

Whether you’re tracking your output, resistance or cadence, you should see progress over the four-week program. I think that it’s going to be an awesome evolution to watch everyone feel stronger and have greater power by the end.

Do you encourage Members to do classes outside of these programs?

I encourage Members to listen to their bodies! Peloton Programs are really meant to be a complete week, but if someone feels like they could do more, do more. Cross-training or shorter, low-impact classes are great if you want to add in, but if you’re doing the intense programs like Climb or Tabata, those programs should be the primary focus.

How else do you recommend Members supplement these programs with other Peloton content?

Stretching is a no brainer and something that you should regularly include within your workout routine! Peloton Digital offers so many Floor workouts, so you may want to add on ten minutes of arms, ten minutes of core or 10 minutes of lower-body, chest or back that support the strength component of what we need to be full 360, multi-dimensional athletes.

How do I pick the right training program for me?

Consider what your goals are. Take a look and see what part of your fitness you’re looking to improve, what you find challenging or maybe what you find more enjoyable and go with that.

What do you expect people to feel at the end of a program?

A sense of accomplishment! I think when you know that you committed to something and completed the entire thing, that is significant.

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