Get to Know the Peloton Tread Class Types


Get ready to lace up your sneakers and dive into your favorite Tread class from a list of options that are guaranteed to make you sweat! The world didn’t need just another treadmill, which is why the Tread is designed to take total body training to the next level with a wide range of workouts that spend time both on and off the Tread. Focus on cardio or strength depending on your needs and training schedule, and most importantly, let our stellar team of Tread instructors make even the toughest workouts fun. They’ll always give you information about degree of difficulty of any class you’re taking, so you’ll be able to easily find your comfort zone (or push past it!), and we’ve built in multiple ways to find the perfect workout for your schedule and your mood. The Peloton Tread lets you easily sort by instructor, duration, and of course, class type. So what kinds of classes can you expect?

If you’re looking primarily for a cardio workout, Running and Walking take place entirely on the Tread, with inspired playlists that push you up those hills and make those miles go by in a flash, while Cardio classes use your bodyweight to do intense interval training that builds endurance and strength. To do more cross-training, Strength classes will take you down to the floor with a mix of free weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight moves that build muscle, while Bootcamp classes are a high-energy mix of running on the Tread and strength training on the floor. And we’d never forget Stretch–these short but essential classes are designed to help you recover from your high-intensity workout. Take a look at the list below and tell us–which Tread class are you dying to try?

Tap into these class types! Find them on your Tread or Peloton Digital today.