Introducing Peloton’s Winter Launch Challenge


What if you could get after your goals this year with thousands by your side? Introducing the Winter Launch Challenge, here to inspire you to challenge yourself every single day for 30 days. We’re so excited to bring you this powerful way to kick off the New Year as one community and dive into different workouts that will make you want to accomplish even more.

Beginning January 7, take at least one Peloton class every day between January 7 and February 5 to receive a special badge! Invite your friends to keep each other accountable and celebrate new milestones together. Be sure to mix up classes of different lengths and types, and make a point of trying something new every day! Ride, run, flow, strengthen or stretch, all that matters is that you show up.

Peloton cycling instructor Jenn Sherman says one of the most important things to keep in mind is staying safe. Give your body the recovery it needs so that you’re able to perform at your best all month long. “If you have a high-impact day, follow that up with a low-impact day to ensure that you give your muscles time to recover before hitting it hard again,” says Jenn. “Be smart and train smart by always listening to your body.” Keeping your workouts varied and allowing your body to recharge is highly effective for seeing the progress you’re going for. “To maintain a healthy and challenging exercise regimen, I recommend diversifying your workouts with a variety of activities including aerobic exercise (workouts that you’ll find on the Peloton Bike or Tread), strength training stretching as well as yoga,” says Jenn. “The general rule of thumb is that you don’t want to do exactly the same activity on successive days.”

Prepare now for the moment when you might start to waver–it’s normal, but preventable. “We tend to start off all ‘fired up’ and ready to dive in, but as week one rolls into week two and then week three, we can feel our motivation starting to wane,” says Jenn. “That’s when the Peloton community will be there to inspire and push you to not give up on what you started.” Reach out to your favorite workout buddies and dig deep within yourself and remember that you can accomplish anything.

Finally, remember why you started your challenge in the first place. “It is very easy and comfortable to become complacent with our workouts, “says Jenn, “but you need to challenge yourself to change yourself.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed already, Jenn suggests breaking down the 30 days into smaller sections. “Try mapping out each week, one week at a time–you’ll then have a schedule guiding you until the challenge is complete.” Opting in takes courage but know that once you commit, you’ve already completed the hardest part. “You are stronger than you know–start telling yourself that and really start believing it,” says Jenn.

Starting today, you can opt in to the Winter Launch Challenge on your Bike or Tread and invite your friends to chase your goals together. And remember, you can take the challenge wherever you are by accessing any Peloton class via iOS, Android or Web. Though you can’t opt in or track your progress on Digital, any class across Bike, Tread or Digital counts!

Let’s get after it!