Your Guide to The Peloton Referral Program


When we say you never ride alone at Peloton, we mean it–our thriving community will keep you going up and over every hill. But for many, it’s even more fun when you’re chasing a friend or loved one up the leaderboard and swapping tips and stories about your favorite rides. So once you’ve become hooked on Peloton and want to share the experience with those you love—our referral program is set to make it a win for the both of you. Check out our full list of expert suggestions from Members on how to refer Peloton:

Who Should I Refer?

Peloton Members love to keep it in the family–we have siblings who ride together from opposite sides of the country, mothers and daughters who bond over their workouts, and we’ve seen communities of Peloton Members form within professional networks, offices, sports leagues, neighborhoods, and schools. “I talk to others a lot about the Bike, especially when they ask what I have been doing to look so healthy.  Once I see that they are actually interested in buying, I tell them I have a code that will give them $100 off accessories for the Bike,” Sammi T. says. By far the best way to start to refer Peloton members is by inviting them to test it out, so make plans to take a class with a friend in your local showroom, or invite your family or houseguests to try out your Peloton at home.

What Are The Rules?

“I think people love the Bike so much they’d be referring their friends even if there wasn’t a referral program, but having a referral program makes it even better,” says Lori C. Here are the key things you need to know about how the Peloton referral program works:

  • You can refer Peloton to up to 12 people per year.
  • For each person you refer, they’ll receive $100 off accessories for their purchase, like clip-in cycling shoes and weights.
  • You’ll receive $100 off your next apparel order at the online Peloton Boutique.
  • Share with friends near and far–the referral program is valid across the US, the UK and Canada, with the currency of the reward depending on each person’s country of residence.

Where Should I Look For People To Refer?

Peloton makes it easy to share your referral code to Facebook or Twitter, or send it via email to anyone who is considering a purchase. You don’t have to venture far out of your daily routine to find people you might want to refer–at school pickup, work drinks, or catching up with friends and neighbors, anyone with a similar lifestyle to yours is likely to find your reasons for loving your Peloton relatable. Use the icons to share directly, or you can copy it or screenshot it to include when you tell your own Peloton success story in your group texts, your teammates, and your Facebook mom group, or wherever else you’re active on social.  A personal note about how this solution works for your busy schedule or got you motivated to work out again makes all the difference. And remember: inviting friends and family to try the Bike or Tread so they can experience it for themselves is the most compelling way to share.

When Can I Start Referring?

As soon as you’ve decided you’re loving your Peloton, let your world know! “I am a pet sitter and was staying at a client’s house who had a Bike she said I could use. I fell in love with it and my Bike was delivered to my house before I was even finished dog sitting for her! I’ve told everyone how much I love this Bike,” said Lori C. No matter where you are in your Peloton journey, your friends and family want to hear your honest thoughts on what you love about your Peloton membership and why it works for your lifestyle.

Why Should I Refer People To Peloton?

Referring helps keep our Peloton community strong and growing, and it feels great to help your friends and family take charge of their fitness. By referring, you’re making sure they’re set up for success, so you’ll be riding together for the long haul. When you show your Peloton pride with our boutique gear, it not only makes your workout more fun, it helps connect you to other Member and potential future Members in the real world! “My favorite thing I bought with the referral code were my leggings with all the instructors’ sayings on it,” Sammi T. says. There are a wide range of items for women, men, and even pets, which makes for great gifting: “I like all the stuff I have purchased because it is all good quality gear,” says Don G. The credit does not apply to shipping costs or Bike shoes and accessories.

How Do I Find My Referral Code?

Here are all the details you need to know about how the referral codes work, and making sure you get credited for spreading the Peloton love! First thing to note: While your referral code is the key to helping you get more friends working out with you, it’s not actually stored on your equipment or on Peloton Digital.

  • To find your code, sign into, click on the small dropdown menu next to your photo, and tap “Refer Friends”.
  • You can share your referral code with friends and family through email, your personal social media profiles or simply copy and pasting it. Please note that the referral code is meant to be used with friends and family, and sharing the code inappropriately may result in suspension of your code.  See the details here.
  • Once your friend enters your code during the checkout process and successfully purchases a Bike, keep an eye out for an email to your inbox with your online boutique code!
  • If you or the person you referred has any issues, contact our Member support team at [email protected] or 1⁠-⁠866⁠-⁠679⁠-⁠9129.