Member Story: Dahlia Levin

How would you describe how you feel after class?

After class I feel strong, confident and ready to take on my day.

How does Peloton make you better on and off the bike?

Peloton makes me a better mom, wife, health care provider, friend and generally just a happier person. I can always tell a difference in how I feel in terms of my energy level and mood on days that I have exercised with my Peloton in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up early to exercise but I never regret it after I’m done.

How has Peloton changed your lifestyle?

Prior to owning my Peloton I rarely exercised as I was so busy as a working mom. I had also never found a form of cardio exercise that I enjoyed. Now I exercise 5-6 days per week and am healthier than I have ever been. I prioritize my workouts in my day and have more energy for the rest of my busy life. Shortly after I bought my Peloton I connected with several West Coast riders and we formed the 5:30 am PST Tribe. We ride together early in the mornings, celebrate each other’s milestones and have become good friends on and off the bike.

Has Peloton helped you through any challenges in your life?

In October 2015 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 37. As a mother of three young children, it was terrifying, to say the least. I suddenly went from being a health care provider to being a cancer patient. I had surgeries and chemotherapy treatment until March 2016. Thankfully I have been in remission for almost 2 years now. I had a lot of side effects from chemotherapy after I was finished with treatment, like anemia, neuropathy and neurological side effects like memory loss. I bought my Peloton in February 2017 and have used it to regain my strength and health since that time. I’m happy to say that almost all of my symptoms have resolved and my doctor attributes it to my healthy lifestyle, most of all from exercising with my Peloton.

Is there something you couldn’t do before Peloton that you can now tackle?

I have more energy and stamina to keep up with my kids, busy job and physical activities with my family.

How is Peloton different than any other workout?

It’s available whenever it fits into my schedule. I can ride with any instructor at any time, not plan my day around certain instructors like I used to have to do at the gym. I don’t have to worry about childcare because I usually ride in the mornings before my kids are awake or when they are at home with me. The instructors are top notch, there is always a new playlist, every ride is a new workout so it’s never boring. The leaderboard keeps me motivated because I’m always riding with hundreds or thousands of others.

If you could describe your Peloton experience in 3 words, what would they be and why?

“Transformative” because it has transformed my health, body and life. “Empowering” because it has shown me that through hard work and dedication I can be healthier than I was before cancer and that cancer doesn’t have to define me. “Uplifting” because the community is supportive, the instructors are inspiring, and my life has been enriched in innumerable positive ways through the Peloton.

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