Member Story: John & Erica Mills


How were you first introduced to Peloton?

As a part of her morning routine, Erica would travel to our local gym, arriving 30-45 minutes early to ensure she got a spot in her favorite instructor’s class.

She would come home raving over the great workout she had while also complaining about the hassle of getting a spot. She convinced me to ride with her a few times and being a competitive person, I didn’t like that my workout metrics were never clear. Plus, I like to bring fun to everything and I saw none of that. In August 2016, I saw a Peloton commercial! I was so excited so I told Erica about it the same night. After some research, we were thoroughly convinced; we had to get one!

What’s your favorite part of the workout?

It’s hard to pick just one favorite. We love the energy that the instructors bring to each and every class. The playlists are straight fire and the DJ rides are crazy good! Being able to have live interaction with the instructors is amazing. But, if I had to pick one thing it would be having the ability to share in an overall experience with Erica that makes us both happy (whether riding or dancing alongside her). In September, we will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. We’ve spent a lifetime enjoying our time together…Peloton has blessed us with another activity we both love!

Can you describe how the class experience makes you feel?

In 2010, we adopted our 2 nieces, ages 11 and 12. Our daughter was an adult and had long since moved out, so our house was no longer kid friendly. To give the kids an area to have fun, we configured our family room as a gaming/movie room, equipped with a front projection and a 120-inch screen. The kids eventually outgrew the room, so it hadn’t really been used for a couple years until Peloton came along! We now have our bike in the center of the room and cast every class we take to the screen. With every class, we turn up the volume and pretend we’re rockin’ out live in-studio with the instructors! With every ride, we get off the bike feeling like we just had the best workout ever, while having the most fun you could possibly have on a bike that goes nowhere.

How has Peloton changed working out for you?

Peloton has given us a convenient option to work into our cardio routine. 6 years ago, Erica began a journey to lose 50 lbs. I was 30 pounds heavier and struggling with high blood pressure. We changed our diet and started incorporating more cardio activities into our routine, running 5k races regularly. Having had reconstructive surgery on both knees and multiple back surgeries due to a ruptured disc, I was also looking for low-impact options for cardio. Having the Peloton bike has made this a non-issue. We always have a fun and convenient option to get an incredible cardio workout.

How would you describe the Peloton community?

Awesome! The community has been the most surprising part of our Peloton experience! The Peloton community is unlike any other we’ve been associated with. Similar to Erica and I, everyone is passionate about this amazing product. We love motivating each member as if they were family! Since joining this community, we’ve built relationships with members that now extend beyond the bike. It’s simply amazing! It’s a priceless component to the overall Peloton experience.

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