Member Story: Matt Jennings

How were you first introduced to Peloton?

My friend Richie Nakano, another chef based in San Fransisco, mentioned I should check out Peloton when he knew I was training for a big upcoming road ride. I was skeptical, as I’ve never been an ‘exercise bike’ enthusiast, but I started researching the company and really loved what I saw; not just the opportunity to ride in your own home with a customized group of instructors and personal attention and oversight, but the culture that Peloton had built was of huge allure to me as a businessman and someone who is obsessed with brand culture.

What’s the thing that’s most exciting about your Peloton experience? 

I think that culture I mentioned is the reason I tune in. The feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself – the idea that the time for whole body health is now and that I’m not the only one making strides in my life to achieve a better self. The live classes are addictive. Literally. The enthusiasm and insight into technique and mindfulness that the instructors bring to the table are unparalleled in the fitness space. This is a completely engaging and unique experience for any level of rider. 

Can you describe how the class experience makes you feel?

The class experience invigorates, rejuvenates, inspires and mobilizes more than my muscles and personal fitness. It imbues the necessity for a focus on mind/body. In other words, Peloton has been able to succeed at something very unusual – it embraces the rider as a novice, but then pushes them to the threshold of their comfort zone in a way that shows results and all while engaging the mind and having the benefit of belonging to a community of like-minded riders.

How would you describe the Peloton community? 

As mentioned, Peloton is more about community than anything else. It’s why I check in every day. My only competition is myself, and yet my Peloton family helps push me to be better and to compete against my own numbers. The support and genuine care the community takes with its members is completely authentic and is the driving force behind the organization.

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