Robin Arzon’s Race Day Tips


Gearing up for a big race? Robin shares her top tips for tapering and visualizing your way to the finish line.

Tapering Tips

1. The primary goal of tapering is to minimize fatigue. This doesn’t mean you go completely sedentary and eat poorly. Incorporate one short marathon goal pace tempo run to stay sharp. The rest of your reduced mileage should be relaxed. No new speed drills!

2. Trust the training. Nerves are normal, but as race day approaches and doubts slip through the cracks remember that no one workout from now until race day will make or break your race.

3. Create a mental movie reel of your strongest training moments. Replay it in your head. Now is the time to get your mind in warrior mode. Check out my Mind Over Miles Race Day visualization here.

4. Not running can feel like torture. Your brain goes at mach speed thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have done in terms of training. Use this extra time to catch up with loved ones, watch that movie, or read that book. Savor it!

Visualization Tips

1. Pick the goal you want to achieve and close your eyes. This can be done anywhere.

2. Create a 15-second mental movie of where you are, what you see, what you hear, who is with you, what you’re wearing, and what it smells like. Use all 5 senses!

3. Feel the sweat. Hear the cheers. Be specific. The middle of a race is unpredictable, but you know how you want to finish. Sear the perfect finish in your brain. The more you can evoke a feeling of accomplishment, the more you will viscerally hold onto it.

4. Practice! Do this every day. You’ll become good at visualization like with anything else – keep showing up. Seeing is believing in this mental rehearsal.

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