Introducing Ross Rayburn, Peloton’s Newest Yoga Instructor


What is the one thing Peloton’s newest yoga instructor, Ross Rayburn, wants you to know? That you’re absolutely capable of anything. Introduced to yoga after being injured during a bike race, Ross quickly fell in love with the practice and its ability to reveal his inner strength. While rehabbing his knee, Ross developed a deep understanding of the biomechanics of the body, which has inspired a significant part of his teaching style. “If you know how to talk to the intelligence of your body,” he says, “your body will know how to respond.”

In addition to his extensive knowledge of anatomy and alignment, Ross has vast experience teaching and connecting with students across the world–he’s taught students in 37 countries over the last 20 years. No matter where he’s teaching, though, Ross knows the importance of integrating a narrative within his sequencing. “A yoga class is very much a story, and people respond when there’s an arc,” says Ross. The story that he aims to create is one where his students show themselves exactly what they can do. “As a teacher, you need to create challenges to reveal to people what they’re capable of,” he says. “It’s about concealment and revelation.”

Ross is so excited to join the instructor team at Peloton because he’s always seeking ways to help others. He views teaching our Members as a service he is eager to perform. He’s ready to meet you on the mat to learn, challenge yourself, and have fun reconnecting with your inner self and your body’s natural delight in movement. “My classes will be accessible yet significant,” says Ross. You’ll not only challenge yourself in class, but also come away learning something that brings new appreciation for what your body allows you to do. Whether it’s on the mat or through meditation, get to know Ross through either practice and prepare to be inspired. “The human spirit is stronger than we know. Trust it.”